SmartScribr - Subscription Management Software


SmartScribr gives you full control over who views your content and prevents non-subscribers from taking advantage of your work. Setup is quick and intuitive and you can create rules and exceptions for different categories of authors, viewers, and content.

  • No technical skills required
  • As long as your CMS has a set URL pattern for articles or can expose its article metadata
  • White label looks
  • Maximize subscriptions

How it Works

You start off by creating product definitions and bundles. Use our paywall dashboard to tie your content together and designate the different "offers" subscribers must have in order to view them.

If you have multiple titles, you can combine products from different websites into one offer. There is no limit to the amount or size of your bundles. Kreatio Paywall double-checks your work and shows you example of articles that would and would not be included in different bundles.

It's still easy to set exceptions. Global exclusion rules allow you to choose content that should always be free.

SmartScibr Paywall WordPress puts subscribers into three different categories: individuals, groups, and institutions. The latter two, you designate one of the subscribers as a manager. He or she can add or remove individual subscribers in their group or institution.

For institutional subscribers, you decide whether their users need logins. Your premier institutional subscribers can quickly see your content, while others need to have their users log in.

Divide and Conquer

Use Kreatio CMS to efficiently set rules on who can edit and publish different pieces. Work with different partners? Have different remote team members? Constantly use native advertising partners and have dozens of bloggers?

Everyone has a part to play. Easily give different partners or team members different viewing, editing, and publishing powers. Work on a secretive need-to-know basis, or let everyone see the big picture.

Kreatio CMS is a web content management (WCM) platform, built ground up with collaboration, productivity, speed and monetization in mind. Websites on the Kreatio CMS are responsive from day one and are optimized for SEO including editable URLs.

Paywall Software Designed To Sell

SmartScribr is a publisher paywall that allows you to maximize subscriptions. Different categories of subscribers and powerful renewal features allow you to streamline your targeting and create a perfect offer for every visitor.

  • Increase your renewals
  • Discounts
  • Custom guest passes
  • Engage with subscribers

Best Paywall Software: Distinguish Between Subscriptions

Multiple subscription options allow you to optimize your revenue. See what subscribers really want, what they are willing to pay more form, and create a subscription model that meets your readership's needs.

  • Login required
  • Time-based
  • No. of articles based
  • Limited number of articles is free
  • Wallet based
  • Pay per article

Track Your Performance

Designated members of your team can use Kreatio Paywall to track different metrics. See the number of articles in each product, the number of subscribers for each offer and product and the revenue each is generating. By knowing what is working and what isn't, you can change your strategy to reach your goals.