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Managing multiple related brands often involves significant amounts of overlapping content. Traditionally, editors spend countless hours manually copying articles from one brand to another, a process that is time-consuming and prone to errors and SEO penalties. Kreatio revolutionizes this process with its streamlined cross-posting feature. With Kreatio, editors can effortlessly select an article and designate the target brand with just a few clicks. The system then creates a draft article ... Read More

Kreatio proudly announces the launch of the revitalized Notícias de Mineração Brasil (NMB) website on the Kreatio platform, a testament to our enduring partnership and commitment to delivering unparalleled mining news experiences. The enhanced NMB website offers enriched accessibility and comprehensive coverage, empowering stakeholders in the global mining community.  Notícias de Mineração Brasil (NMB) is renowned for its commitment to journalistic excellence, providing accurate and insigh... Read More

Kreatio, a leading provider of digital publishing solutions, proudly announces the launch of the revamped Farming Ahead magazine on its innovative platform. This momentous occasion signifies a strong partnership between Farming Ahead and Kreatio, demonstrating their joint commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the agricultural industry.  Farming Ahead, a beloved publication among farmers and agricultural enthusiasts, has undergone a remarkable transformation on Kreatio's state-... Read More

Kreatio, a leading digital publishing platform, is delighted to announce the successful revamp and continued presence of Australia's Mining Monthly (AMM) magazine on its innovative platform. The seamless transition to the Kreatio platform marks a significant achievement for both AMM and Kreatio, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the publishing industry.  AMM, renowned for its comprehensive coverage of the mining sector, now benefits from Kreatio's cutting-edge ... Read More

Like everyone else, Kreatio's clients too are concerned and intrigued by the advancements in AI. Most are still unclear about its utility and usage in arriving at new solutions. In this article, we will delve into the capabilities of AI, especially LLMs (Large Language Models) for the publishing industry. This article focuses on LLMs' applications and  considerations essential for effectively leveraging their power. Understanding LLMs: Unveiling Their Potential and Limitations LLMs repr... Read More

In a testament to enduring partnership and digital innovation, Kreatio proudly announces the launch of GeoDrilling International's revamped website on the Kreatio platform. Building upon a foundation of excellence, this milestone underscores the continued collaboration between GeoDrilling International and Kreatio, elevating the digital landscape of the drilling industry.  For more than 30 years, GeoDrilling International has been the voice of the global drilling industry, providing insigh... Read More

Kreatio, the leading innovator in digital publishing solutions, is delighted to welcome MES Computing, a respected authority in midsize enterprise IT leadership, as a valued addition to its platform. Through this collaboration, MES Computing's extensive insights, analysis, and interviews with industry leaders will now be available on the Kreatio platform.  Supported by The Channel Company's IT expertise, MES Computing offers deep dives into technology trends and data-driven research, empow... Read More

Kreatio, a leading provider of digital publishing solutions, proudly announces the relaunch of Energy News Bulletin on its platform. With this strategic move, Energy News Bulletin aims to enhance user experience and deliver even more comprehensive coverage of the energy industry.   Renowned for its dedication to providing accurate, timely, and unbiased coverage, Energy News Bulletin has established itself as a trusted source in the energy sector. With this relaunch on the Kreatio platform,... Read More

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, publishers often find themselves juggling multiple brands and platforms. Each has its own unique audience and content requirements. For many editors, the process of publishing the same article across different brands can be laborious, error-prone, and detrimental to SEO efforts. This is where Kreatio steps in. It offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines cross-brand publishing and revolutionizes editorial workflows.  The Challenge: For publi... Read More

Kreatio, a leading digital publishing platform, proudly announces the successful revamp of Mining Magazine, the definitive guide to mining, on its innovative content management system.  Mining Magazine, renowned for its in-depth technical insights into mining operations, has transformed to better serve its audience. This revamp underscores the publication's commitment to providing cutting-edge information for mining professionals.  Mining Magazine remains a vital resource for the mining... Read More

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