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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, publishers often find themselves juggling multiple brands and platforms. Each has its own unique audience and content requirements. For many editors, the process of publishing the same article across different brands can be laborious, error-prone, and detrimental to SEO efforts. This is where Kreatio steps in. It offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines cross-brand publishing and revolutionizes editorial workflows.  The Challenge: For publi... Read More

Kreatio, a leading digital publishing platform, proudly announces the successful revamp of Mining Magazine, the definitive guide to mining, on its innovative content management system.  Mining Magazine, renowned for its in-depth technical insights into mining operations, has transformed to better serve its audience. This revamp underscores the publication's commitment to providing cutting-edge information for mining professionals.  Mining Magazine remains a vital resource for the mining... Read More

In the dynamic landscape of digital media, B2B companies are perpetually in search of strategies to amplify revenue and provide unparalleled value to their sponsors. This is where Kreatio steps in, with tailored solutions designed to bolster your success. At Kreatio, our commitment to your company's growth manifests in several ways: Expanding Revenue Opportunities: Look for new realms of sources. We're here to broaden your horizons and maximize your revenue potential. Enhancing Inve... Read More

After nearly a decade of being on the Kreatio platform, MiningNews is proud to announce the relaunch of its website in collaboration with the Kreatio team. This milestone marks a significant evolution in the platform's commitment to delivering quality content and a seamless user experience. Key Highlights of MiningNews' Transformation: 1. Thematic Content: MiningNews is dedicated to staying at the forefront of mining industry developments. By addressing crucial themes such as resource n... Read More

In a crescendo of joy and camaraderie, Kreatio recently marked the completion of a remarkable 12-year journey - and what an absolute blast it was! The celebration transcended the ordinary, transforming into an unforgettable experience that echoed the shared success and spirit of unity that define our company.  Embracing Innovation in Digital Publishing: The heart of Kreatio's success lies in its role as a cutting-edge digital publishing platform. Over the years, Kreatio has continually ev... Read More

Are you a B2B media company with successful content titles in your market? Are you eager to explore new opportunities in different geographies and languages without diving headfirst into a huge initial commitment? Discover your perfect solution with Kreatio! Unlocking Growth Potential: We understand that expanding into multiple geographies is a promising direction for your growth. That's why Kreatio is thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge AI translation feature! By utilizing AI tr... Read More

Kreatio, the leading innovator in web publishing solutions, is thrilled to announce the live launch of Mining Journal's revamped version on its cutting-edge platform. Mining Journal, a respected authority on mining investments and business affairs since 1835, has seamlessly integrated the advanced capabilities of the Kreatio platform, setting a new standard for digital publishing in the mining sector. Mining Journal's dedication to providing exceptional content and its unwavering commitme... Read More

Kreatio, the forefront innovator in web publishing solutions, is excited to announce the onboarding of TIMGlobal, a distinguished B2B publisher in Europe, as its valued client. TIMGlobal Media's site,, is now live on the Kreatio platform.  TIMGlobal Media is renowned for its significant presence in five languages and an extensive catalog comprising 77 Print & Digital Magazine Issues, establishing itself as a prominent player in European B2B publishing. The c... Read More

Kreatio, a leading digital media platform provider, proudly extends its warmest congratulations to its esteemed client, Incisive Media, for achieving a remarkable milestone at the 2023 Association of Online Publishers (AOP) Awards. Incisive Media, a true leader in the industry based in London, has been named the Best Digital B2B Publishing Company of the Year for an incredible sixth time, setting an industry record.  On Wednesday, June 14th, at London's Old Billingsgate, the media owner he... Read More

Kreatio, a renowned name in web publishing technology, is delighted to unveil the much-awaited launch of CRN Germany's website on its platform. CRN Germany, operated by The Channel Company, is a prominent source of news, insights, and analyses for the German IT and technology industry. With this remarkable partnership, CRN Germany has undergone a significant transformation, presenting users with an unparalleled digital experience.  The newly released website boasts a visually appealing and... Read More