Kreatio stands for delivering the best in the class solutions for publishers, for all their content management and web publishing needs. We help publishers to unlock the full potential of their existing online investments. Our breadth of product and services, proudly helping publishers from all parts of the world, except Antartica and empowering them to monetize their content.

Headquartered in Bangalore, we produce world class solutions for the publishing business. Our unique relations with our clients and our deep understanding of the media business help us to continuously improve our solutions.



At Kreatio, we believe in improving the overall productivity of your editorial and media operations teams and in making your digital assets work harder for you. We understand that a media solution is not a install and forget affair. Our teams work continuously to keep your website and you operations ticking and in top grove.

Your contract with us includes a bouquet of 10 different services that you would otherwise have to invest in separately.

Round-the-clock business critical support. Complete Lifecycle maintenance for your product. Total import and export of your data. Regular minor upgrades and security fixes. Ensures you one major update at the minimum for contracts of 3 years or above. A full security pen testing. Run security tests periodically. Once a year site optimization. Three levels of backups for your data. Free break-fix management.
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  • MailFixx

    Editorial newsletters made easy

    MailFixx is a newsletter management tool that makes your newsletters as a simple “Drag and Drop” creation. Get rid of hectic copying and pasting your content each time when you want to create a newsletter. With a single time configuration, it lets a publisher to upload the content, use the existing templates, create newsletter and send it regardless the time zones of the readers. MailFixx enables you add any form of content such as Ads, articles, tables or polls etc. and create user focused top notch newsletters for your customers.

  • DataHub

    Data journalism made easy

    DataHub is made to provide strength and speed to all your data journalism needs. It enables a publisher to present the data as a part of their articles in a most understandable and fancy manner. Weather you need to format your data tables constantly, represent data in various styles within the articles or using single view port in multiple publications, DataHub lets you do all these things in a secure, a flexible and a reliable environment.

  • Kreatio CMS

    Content management made easy

    The Kreatio CMS has been built ground up with current day editorial teams in mind. Designed by the media industry experts, unlike generic blogging softwares which are heavily depended on Plug-ins, often with competing requirement for full functionality. Kreatio CMS offer a publisher with full support to their content management and web publishing needs. Multiple publication support. Teamwork, workflow, alerts and analytics, all these are in-built right from the work go. Kreatio CMS, also come also with powerful image management system and comment management system to scale and meet all your publishing requirements.

    Kreatio CMS
  • Directory

    Increase engagement and monetization

    Kreatio directory services help publishers to perform better, filtering the large amount of directory entries and in-turn help them to monetize and manage it well. Our plethora of features integrated into directory solutions empowers publishers with opportunities of a competent customer service.

  • Subscriptions

    Monetization of digital content made easy

    This enables you to access multiple contents with a single user id over the internet. Some of the most important aspects of Kreatio subscription is its flexibility as per your business and ease to access the information over the internet. It allows publishers to manage the content and their monetization across several platforms.

  • Chitra AI

    The full power of images, videos and documents unleashed

    Chitra AI is a unique technology that is being integrated into all our products. It is a comprehensive image management system specifically built to help publishers manage and utilize large groups of heavy images with the intiutive capablities of Artificial Intelligence and monetize underutilized image repositories.

    Chitra AI


  • Mayfam Media has been working with Kreatio for over a year now and as a small publishing business, Kreatio is one of our most important partners. Kreatio has exceeded our expectations during every step of our partnership and have gone above and beyond in helping us to create our websites, our newsletters and subscription system. Their customer service continues to be second to none. We can not speak more highly of them.


    Mayfam Media

  • “Kreatio adds significant value to every project we take to them, and are an essential digital technology partner for Aspermont. They operate efficient and impressive platforms, deliver quality custom work, and we benefit daily from the passion, skills and experience of their team.”

    Abi Obasanya | Group Director of Media & Product Development

    Aspermont Group

  • "Kreatio has delivered our website solution on time and on budget. The website continues to meet our expectations and handles all of our traffic even during our most demanding periods. It is a pleasure to work with the Kreatio team who are always responsive to our queries and are able to deliver even the most challenging of requests."

    Terry Jones | Group Head of Technology

    Nation publication

  • "My experience with kreatio is really a high tech'. Co. That delivers to excellence ,limited or no down time,various monetization opportunities with great customer care"

    Janat Bujingo | ICT Digital Business Supervisor

    New Vision Group

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