Sindbad - Directory Software


Do not let your subscriber count go down just because viewers cannot find what they are looking for.

If you have hundreds of videos and articles it can be impossible for subscribers to pinpoint the article they want. SINDBAD is a Directory solution that stops that from ever happening.

It is called a "directory" because it helps you organize your content so that anyone can find it even if they do not remember the title. They can also search for entire categories or content that fits a certain description.

New Ways To Monetize Your Content

Directories maximize the control you get over viewership. If you want an article to get more views, include in more directory items so that more viewers find it.

There are three ways you can use to increase your publications revenue:

  • Charge for inclusion in the directory. The content creators pay so their work gets more views. Charge for the number of entries or the duration for which they are kept live.
  • Charge for premium or super-premium listings. Authors stand out even more and increase their views by completely distinguishing themselves from the competition.
  • Track your progress, analyze metrics, and optimize the campaign to maximize your results
  • Charge by lead. Get paid for each lead your directory generates. You include an enquiry form and send it to the client in exchange for your fee.

Optimize Everything To Suit Your Needs

SINDBAD lets you completely customize the way your directory works to suit your goals. Rank content according to three entry levels Standard, Premium, and Super Premium. Customize what each of these tiers do and set them to show up higher in the listings when someone searches. This creates countless opportunities for monetization.

  • Self Service
  • Enquiry forms
  • Stay in control
  • Powerful equivalents

Maximize Monetization With Kreatio CMS

You can run SINDBAD alone, but combining with the Kreatio CMS gives you even more monetization opportunities.

You can quickly list different directory entries to articles and categories, reducing the work your team has to manually do. Link different directories together so that when viewers search for one term, they see different relative information at the same time.

For example: imagine you have a directory of companies, another one of executives and a third one of the products. SINDBAD can automatically show information about the company, its executives, and its products in just one article.

This increases the ease with which readers learn about your clients, increases engagement, thus increasing your site's revenue.