MailFixx - Email Marketing Software


The easy way to assemble and send templated editorial newsletters

You depend upon newsletters to stay in touch with subscribers and preventing them from leaving their platform.

Yet creating and sending newsletters is a tiresome burden on your editorial team. It's an ineffective busy-work that takes up resources that could be better spent elsewhere. The design saps their productivity and reduces their overall motivation. When your team does work on it, it's easy to make mistakes when editing and copy-pasting text and URLs.

Email campaign platforms have poor design options and are not specialized for the niche needs of your newsletters and editorial team.

Mailfixx streamlines the entire Newsletter process removes errors and still keeps you in complete control of the final product.

Creating newsletters is as simple as drag and drop. It works with any CMS that can produce an RSS feed. It's the best newsletter tool out there.

You set your template up once, and then it is always ready for future versions. You tell the Mailfixx where to look for content e.g. the most recent entries in a certain category. You can then quickly drag and drop articles, advertisements, tables, polls, etc. into your template and your newsletter is ready. It's as easy as you wish it was.

Our newsletter builder tool also automatically integrates with Datahub to incorporate tables in your newsletter.

Your New Time-Saving Tool

Instead of devoting hours of a whole team's time, one person can get a complex newsletter ready in just fifteen minutes. Online access allows several people to be responsible for the same newsletter. If one person can't do it, someone else can instantly pick up on their progress, and finish the job.

Automation Without Errors

Mailfixx accepts rules of what content to place where in the template. You tell it where to pull content from, and it automatically creates a new newsletter every month. Preconfigure what time and date it should be sent out, and have it change depending on time zones. Sit back and relax. After the initial set up you up, your future newsletter work will be nothing more than quick changes to details.

Our newsletter building software sends out your newsletter through all major bulk emailers. Keep your lists in these systems and Mailfixx will send the newsletter to whoever you choose. If your preferred emailer is not in our list, we will be happy to add it at no extra cost.

Transparent Pricing

Every month you will know exactly how much you are going to spend. No worrying about calculating your visitors or how much are you going to grow. No per email address pricing and no per send pricing. In Mailfixx you pay per template. You can have any number of users login and send any number of newsletters to any number of recipients. You can even keep changing your lists as frequently as you want.