DataHub - Data Visualization Tool


Forget about expensive graphic designers and create eye-catching data graphics yourself

Data journalism made easy. Create eye-catching and interactive graphs and charts and embed them in your story- all in just a few clicks

Data journalism can be time-consuming and excessively complicated to do. You collect your data, but transforming into an easy to digest story is complicated.

You did your investigation, found the patterns, and have all your Excel charts and graphs. Now you only need to report on the story in a way anyone can quickly understand. Easier said than done unless you use datahub.

Journalists do extensive work to uncover what a data set is saying. After you have worked so hard, explaining your results should be easy.

  • No embedding charts and graphs
  • No public data sharing
  • No programming
  • Affordable pricing

Data Graphics Simplified

DataHub was developed from the ground up for digital publishers. Creating graphics for your data is so easy anyone of your writers can do it themselves.

Every table is gorgeous. Your viewers see what you want them to, and your raw data is safely kept away from prying eyes. Monetization is easy to set up and never fails.

And no: DataHub will not put a massive dent in your monthly budget.

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Graphics that teach
  • Straight from excel
  • Change over time

Ironclad Monetization

The second you create a graphic, you can exclusively limit access to subscribers. If you are feeling generous, you can also allow non-subscribes to get a preview. Most importantly: no one can show your graphic without you approving it.

Other websites will not be able to display your graphics, even if they have the URL or embed code. This protects your hard work and prevents people from freeloading off your data.

Graphics Custom-tailored For Your Data

Do not think DataHub forces you to use visuals that will not work for your data. The second you create a new project, DataHub analyses your excel file and creates a viewport. You are in full control of your data graphic design and choose from different chart types, and set your headers and footers. When you are ready, you just insert DataHub's embed codes into your article, and you are done!

Complete Flexibility

DataHub lets you do just about everything you want to with your visuals. Be confident you got the point across by creating different tables and charts for the same data file. All your raw data is 100% kept under lock, visitors only see what you want them to. Once you can create a graph, you can change details like columns or alter calculations without having to completely redo your visual.