Kreatio CMS for Digital-First Publishers

Your Content in its Best Form

Managing, publishing, and editing content should not be a nightmare. As a digital publisher, you should be able to focus on creating and monetizing content. Getting it to your readers in an easy to digest format should take a few clicks, not an hour-long process. Kreatio CMS was built by publishers for publishers and will amaze you with its customizability and automation.

All of Kreatio CMS's features have four goals in mind:

  • Teamwork Maximization
  • Customization
  • Monetization
  • Intuitive

Kreatio CMS Advantages


Obstacles in collaboration prevent from reaching to full potential. Our CMS seamlessly integrates your websites and tools. Your data is quickly transferred. Integrate it with third-party systems without being surprised by nasty compatibility issues.

Divide and Conquer

Use Kreatio CMS to efficiently set rules on who can edit and publish different pieces. Easily give different team members different viewing, editing, and publishing powers. Work on a secretive need-to-know basis, or let everyone see the big picture.


Unique business with different needs? Kreatio CMS allows you to customize every, single step in the publishing process. Our software is divided into modules and each module into workspaces. You determine which users can access and see each module.


Kreatio CMS is packed with Artificial Intelligence to make everything a whole lot easier. Image search is instant and predictive. AI automatically tags images to help you find and reuse them quickly. Our AI is equally powerful with documents.

The Little Things Made Easy

Kreatio CMS supports multiple languages, you can mix languages in the same article! Use preview to see how the article will look on live and review to show someone else before the world sees it. Get fine-grained control over your article listings.


Worried about costs? Our CMS follows a microservice architecture. You only spend money on the services that are making you money. Inbuilt commenting system allows inserting your own ads between the comments, allowing you to profit from viral content.