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Personalizing the Kreatio CMS

Personalizing the Kreatio CMS

Those who work for long hours on an application would love to customize it to their preferences and comfort. The Kreatio CMS lets authors and other users customize the order of its modules and workspaces to their liking

Every one of us have our own comfort zones and ways of working. Therefore, it is only natural that we attempt to organize our work areas to match our preferences and tastes. For an author or editor in a digital media house, the Content Management System (CMS) is one piece of software that they spent a lot of time with. Given today's complex business environment, CMSes tend to become complex software platforms with hundreds of features. Therefore, instead of a one order fits all organisation, where every user is presented with an unchangeable order for menus and modules, the Kreatio CMS allows for the modules and menus (workspaces) to be reordered or even hidden at will.

In the Kreatio CMS, you can reorder or hide modules and workspaces in two levels. The publisher admin can set a default order for each website. Individual users can then go and change this order to suit their individual convenience.

How do you reorder modules and workspaces?

Reordering or hiding a module or a workspace is very easy to do in the Kreatio CMS.  

Once you are logged in to the CMS, on the right side, top, your name is displayed next to the bell symbol. Click on this and from the dropdown menu that shows up, click on settings. The menu on the left bar now changes from the module you were in to the settings menu. Here, click on the menu order workspace. The list of available modules show up in the order they are currently displayed. You can hide a module by removing the blue tick on it. Reverse the action to display a hidden module. You can drag and reorder the modules as you wish. Once you click on a module, the workspaces in it are displayed. You can hide or reorder the workspaces the same way. 

Click on the save button to save your changes and the CMS will reload in your browser with the new settings. It is as simple as that.

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