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Editorial newsletters - the ignored backwaters of digital publishing and email marketing

Editorial newsletters - the ignored backwaters of digital publishing and email marketing

Simplifying and automating editorial newsletters will significantly improve the productivity and turnaround time for editorial teams. Mailfixx from Kreatio is perhaps the only tool for achieving this.

For a digital publisher, editorial newsletters form the bulwark of engagement efforts focused on content. Editorial newsletters are regular, and they expose the content that is published to current and prospective readers, increasing their reach and engagement. Often the first touch that content has with the regular reader is through editorial newsletters. However, this back bone of content engagement is lost between its glamorous cousins - social media and marketing newsletters

What are editorial newsletters?

Editorial newsletters are templatized, regular newsletters sent out to a mailing list. The main content of an editorial newsletter is a number of links to articles on the publisher's website. These would be newly published articles as well as articles that the publisher wishes to highlight, including from sister websites. Along with the links, there would be some text introducing the article. This text could be either the opening text of the article itself or freshly written text aimed at inducing the reader to click on the link. The newsletters may also contain advertisements and other promotional material; but the focus is on the content links. They are sent out at regular frequencies and the templatized design also helps to identify and brand the newsletter.

A publication usually has more than one newsletter with differing frequencies. For example, you could have a daily newsletter which highlights content published that day, and a weekly one which highlights the best or the most read articles of that week. Or you could have different newsletters highlighting content in different sections of your publication, and so on. The same article may appear in different newsletters and even in the same newsletter again and again.

Challenges with editorial newsletters

But editorial newsletter are not glamorous. This means that unlike with marketing newsletters, precious little has been done technologically to enhance their creation or to automate them. While some publishers have hacked together some basic semi-automated systems to create these newsletters, for most they are still a manual and time-consuming task. Creating and sending out these newsletters are often seen as a non-avoidable chore that gets delegated to the junior most member of the team. This person, in turn, spends hours copying and pasting text and links and getting approvals from seniors. In the case of the few high-quality editorial newsletters that exist, valuable senior editor time is spent in crafting these. Each newsletter often goes to someone higher up for approval and may even be tested for headlines and deliverability. All of these repetitive tasks add to the drag on the team producing the newsletters. Often, the publisher is forced to reduce the number and frequency of newsletters just because of this unproductive drag.

The solution

If you have an automated system that can help someone with the least of technical knowledge to easily and quickly compile and dispatch editorial newsletters, you can not only improve the productivity of your editorial team but can also do away with the mistakes caused due to all the copying and pasting across systems.

Going one step further, say you can automatically create and dispatch newsletters containing links to the latest published articles, or to the most read articles of the day or week. Now, you can totally do away with manual required for this and can put the editorial hours so saved to more productive use.

Unfortunately for the publishing universe, there are not many tools which can do this. Almost all the available tools are geared towards sending out individually crafted marketing emails, each with a different design and content.

The Mailfixx way

Mailfixx from Kreatio is one of the few tools that can make your task of creating and sending editorial newsletters a breeze. Mailfixx makes creating a templated newsletter as simple as dragging and dropping content blocks into your template. The links automatically get populated and you can also edit the text that goes out with the link if required. With Mailfixx, you can have newsletters to be automatically generated based on content rules and sent out at predefined timings. Already have your email lists set up elsewhere? No problem. Mailfixx works with the most popular mailing systems. If not already done, we would be happy to integrate Mailfixx with your mailing system of choice at no extra cost to you. Want to send the email to someone for approval? You can do that quickly from Mailfixx.

Talking of costs, we do not charge you by the number of subscribers you have or the number of newsletters you send or even the number of people who use Maifixx from your organisation. We charge you on the number of templates you use. That means if everyone from your organisation sends out a different newsletter every hour, but all of them use the same template, then we will charge you only for that one template!