Dear publisher

Dear Publisher - Have you tried leadgen? (59 sec)

If you are in B2B publishing, you should try leadgen. Here is a quick primer for you on what leadgen is all about.

Leadgen is to B2B marketing, what affiliate marketing is to B2C. In affiliate marketing you send buyers in large numbers to a websites, where a small potion converts. In Leadgen you identify potential buyers for large value purchase. Typically you identify a much smaller number of potential buyers. The sponsor then does offline follow up to convert. Thus, affiliate is a quantity game while leadgen is a quality game.

Because leadgen is high value sales ,you need offline effort to get leads. You need to deploy  emails, telecalling and a lot of other follow up to get the leads. Publishers use vendor provided assets to generate leads. Assets include whitepapers, case studies, videos and the like.

One who downloads an asset is deemed to be a lead. Leads are of different types - Business card, qualified or BANT. Business card is contact information of those interested. Qualified asks extra questions to qualify whether the person is a lead or not. BANT establishes Budget, Authority, Need & Timeframe for purchase.

If you have not tried leadgen yet, it is high time you tried it out as a business opportunity.