Dear publisher

Dear publisher - Programmatic does not work for B2B (59 sec)

Programmatic advertising is a hot topic. If you are a b2B publisher, then you should realize that it does not work for you.

Simply put, programmatic advertising is where machines bid for your ad slots and place ads on them. Supply side platforms aggregate inventory from multiple publishers. Demand side platforms aggregate campaigns from many advertisers. In other words, programmatic is volume game!

Programmatic platforms and ad exchanges do millions of transactions per second. So, they are geared for large purchases across multiple websites. B2B sites by definition generate far lesser page views and thus far lesser ad inventory. So, even if you go the programmatic way, there is not much money in it for B2B publishers.

Then, what should you do? Tenancy is the B2B answer. This means ads that stay put over time. Impressions or click-throughs can be secondary measures only for B2B publishers. Like they say, B2B deals are best when done direct!