Dear publisher

Dear publisher, monetize your reader, not just your content (58 sec)

There was a time when the business of publishing was far more simpler. Create good content, they said and everything else will follow. The business will grow. But that was in the age of print. In a digital world that is no longer true. Today, anyone can create and publish good content from anywhere without much effort or cost. The existence of millions upon millions of blogs is ample evidence for this. So, what do you in the digital publishing business do? How do you compete? Can you even think of competing?
Smart publishers have started to realize that the rules of the game have changed. In today's changed business scenario, it is no longer content that you monetize You monetize the reader! A good part of a publisher's revenues now come from activities that are not part of routine content. Conferences, award shows, downloads, leadgen... all of these now contribute significantly to your revenues. For all of these, knowing your audience and having more information about them matters even more than before! More the information you have about your reader, the more your revenue opportunities! Publishers have so far been happy to let advertisers collect, hold and process all reader information. Some large publishers have now started building repositories of reader meta data that will allow them to monetize even better. With a little effort, you can also build effective reader profiles and aggressively pursue new revenue opportunities.
All the best!