Dear publisher

Dear publisher, experiment with your paywall (57 sec)

If you don't already have a paywall in place, it is time for all digital publishers to add one. Paid subscriptions are picking up! Even if you do not want to do paid subscriptions, you may want to provide registration only exclusive content to increase reader loyalty or to collect additional data about your readers.

If you already have a paywall in place, then this is for you. Traditional subscriptions were of the one size fits all model. After all, you sold the whole magazine, right? Or you bundled complete magazines into one offer. But with digital, all that changes You can mix and match and offer choice too! Remember, you audience too has changed and one size no longer suits all!

Someone wants to read just one article? Sell them just that article. Someone wants two articles? Sell them those two! If they want to mix and match across your websites, why should you say no? Change your subscription offers around to see which one sells more. When a reader comes to a page, offer a choice so that they can read just the page or buy a full package! Digital allows you to do all this and more. Experiment, experiment, experiment and experiment some more. Remember that a reader lost is many dollars lost! And on the other hand, one dollar at a time can build many a fortune.

All the best!