Dear publisher

Dear Publisher, Custom content is here to stay (59 sec)

Custom content goes by many names - native advertising, sponsored content, branded content , advertorial and many more. Custom content is advertising with look and feel of editorial and often, advertising created by the editorial team. A significant part of B2B ad revenues now come from custom content. B2C publishers are not far behind when it comes to custom content.

What is driving custom content? Ad blockers, ad fatigue and surprisingly, reader acceptance... There are many reasons that is driving custom content. In short, advertisers love it, readers don't mind it and editorial has mostly accepted it.  Long term contracts for native advertising have also become common. In other words, native advertising is here to stay

That brings us to the question - What next?

The next step is custom content clients working off your CMS, with or without editorial oversight!

Are you ready for it?