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Digital publishing trends for 2020 - 8. The second digital transformation is well on its way

  • 30 December 2019 by
  • Krishna Kumar
Digital publishing trends for 2020 - 8. The second digital transformation is well on its way

Couple of years back, digital transformation had gained big traction in all industries. Simply put, digital transformation is about changing the business processes of the organization to make them more productive and responsive through digital enablement. The publishing industry did the least amount of talking when it came to digital transformation and one would not have been amiss to wonder whether the industry was missing the bus. But in hindsight, the media / publishing industry was the most affected by digital transformation. That too, not once, but twice over! Not just did most of the industry's revenue streams go digital, but it also transitioned from the desktop to the mobile.

The first of these, the cataclysmic fall in print revenues has been captured in this famous graph by Professor Mark J. Perry from 2012. If there is one visual that can explain the second transformation, then it is this graph from the IAB showing the changing share of desktop and mobile in digital advertising revenues over the last ten years (both data for US markets).

As you can see, desktop revenue gently peaked to USD 9.9 billions and has since been on a declining curve, while mobile revenues have taken off from nothing in 2011 to USD 29.9 billions today leading to 69% of all internet advertising now targeting the mobile!

In the coming year, expect this trend to solidify further. Movements like mobile first design are aimed at this trend. Question is, how are you positioned to take advantage of this second wave of digital transformation.


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