Five strategic benefits from implementing the Kreatio CMS

Five strategic benefits from implementing the Kreatio CMS

The Kreatio CMS is engineered keeping in mind that a media organization is not just simply a publishing house. A modern media organization is a vibrant digital being, pursuing its business goals using content of various forms. The organization needs an in-depth understanding of the target reader, and teams have to work together to achieve business goals. The Kreatio CMS is intuitive and built specifically for digital publishers of today. The CMS can quickly adapt as roles within your organization adapt and evolve, saving you time and money which you would normally have to budget for a rebuild of the CMS due to such changes. Let's explore the five strategic benefits that accrue to the organisation from implementing the Kreatio CMS.

Data Privacy

All Kreatio systems, including the Kreatio CMS, comes with full compliance of privacy laws like GDPR and the CCPA.

Improved productivity

The Kreatio CMS incorporates many tools to improve the productivity of your teams like cross-posting, global search, automatic redirect for unpublished articles and AI-based automatic tagging of images. These enable your team to do more in less time and to reuse content efficiently.

Increase revenue opportunities

The Kreatio CMS comes with features that can easily increase monetization opportunities without any additional cost. This includes features like branded landing pages, branded tag listings, custom content management, and simple forms.

Fixed price

The Kreatio contract is a fixed price contract that does not charge you more as your business grows. We do not charge per user or subscriber or pageview. You can focus on improving your business without being concerned about or bound down by increasing platform costs. 

Reduced total costs

The Kreatio contract covers operating system upgrade, framework upgrade, website optimization and regular security tests at no extra costs. All bug fixes are free for the lifetime of your contract. This ensures that your total costs of operation are reduced.

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