12 reasons why a digital publishing CIO/CTO will love Kreatio platforms

12 reasons why a digital publishing CIO/CTO will love Kreatio platforms

As the CIO of a digital publisher, you are charged with executing projects to time and budget. You are also responsible for ensuring that everything is well maintained and all technology stacks are upto date. Kreatio ensures that as the CIO/CTO, you do not have to spend sleepless nights worrying about this. Here are 12 ways in which Kreatio has you covered.

Rapid execution

Ask any CIO and one of the biggest challenges they face is of long cycle time in getting projects off the ground. Kreatio's established practices ensure that your websites are up and running, really fast. Even customizations are executed fast, thanks to our unique framework.

Fully on cloud

All Kreatio platforms are fully deployed on cloud. This means that deployments, hardware upgrades and transfers can be quickly accomplished with minimal down time and without having to wait for hardware to be ordered, delivered and configured.

Fully API based

All Kreatio platforms are fully API based. What does this translate to? Among other things, it means that you can deploy selected content to any device - from smart watches to smart billboards, without any of the overheads for responsive systems. It also means that extreme customization is possible by creating new APIs exclusive to you.

Modern microservices architecture

All Kreatio platforms follow a microservices architecture. That way, your systems can scale at will and at points of high load without blowing up your budgets on massive servers. It also means that new services can be added without having to rewrite the entire application.

Integrate with any API

Since our platforms are completely API based it is easy to integrate them with any API based third party systems. This means that all the third-party systems you use for marketing and analytics can be easily integrated with the Kreatio CMS.

Latest technologies

The underlying technologies and frameworks of the Kreatio platforms are regularly updated

to ensure that you are moving at the head of the technology curve. This also means that you are not impacted by unpatched security holes in outdated systems.

24x7 Monitoring

We monitor all websites, all internal services and all subsystems round the clock from our offices using automated systems. Code performance is also monitored. Our automated monitoring systems alert our engineers who intervene if there is a need.

Pre-emptive maintenance

The automated monitoring and alerting systems help our engineers do pre-emptive maintenance on the systems to ensure that they do not degrade or go down. This helps us

to improve the uptime and availability of your sites.

Automated data backup

As part of the license and maintenance contract, we ensure that your data is regularly

backed up at multiple levels so that in case of need, it can be quickly restored. At the end of

the contract, these backups are destroyed.

Separate environments

We maintain separate environments for development, CI/CD, QA, stage and production. Deployment across these environments are automated. These separate environments help you to test new functions and features thoroughly before they are deployed to the live system.

Pre-launch penetration testing

Before any new site goes live, we do a full penetration test through a third-party testing agency and rectify all deficiencies found. These tests are repeated annually and after major upgrades if required. This ensures that the platform is safe and secure.

Redeploy IT teams

Kreatio platforms are fully managed and maintained. That means that you do not have to deploy valuable technical resources to maintain and upgrade content platforms. Instead they can be deployed on to newer and value-added projects that are more strategic and revenue oriented. Thus, you are able to deliver more value to the organisation with your budget.