5 ways the Kreatio CMS makes the Editorial Director's job easy

5 ways the Kreatio CMS makes the Editorial Director's job easy

As the Editorial Director of a digital publisher, you straddle both strategic and operational responsibilities. Leading the team of Editors and authors, you need to set editorial strategy and direction. At the same time, you need to track performance and guide individual writers where required. The Kreatio CMS helps in both the aspects of the role. It helps the Editorial Director to keep an eye on what is happening and where required, alerts can be built in.

Here are five ways in which the Kreatio CMS makes the job of the Editorial Director easy

Full visibility of content

The Kreatio CMS gives you full visibility over all content including content from custom content

partners during all stages of the lifecycle. You can view all articles together or can see them broken up into the different stages of the content lifecycle. You can see who has started new articles today and which articles have been published today. If scheduled dates have been added to articles, you can immediately see which articles are delayed.

One-click text preview of articles

If you want to quickly check work in progress, you need not open up the article in the editor. Our one-click preview will display the text of the article. That way, you can check on progress as well as give feedback to your colleagues. Of course, if you want to see how the article will look on the website before publishing it, that is also available.

Track performance of articles and writers

Media houses spend a considerable amount of time and energy trying to figure out the quantum of work done by their editorial teams. With the Kreatio CMS you can compare the performance of all authors for the same parameters or check the performance of one author across sites, all with a few clicks. Using NJAA analytics, you can track the readership of authors or even individual articles across a number of parameters. These parameters include which subscriber / subscriber organisation is reading which article, which article/ author is more popular in which geography and so on.

Manage editorial projects

Editorial teams often work with projects that require multiple articles to be written and coordinated by different team members. These include projects like awards, rankings and listings. Coordinating and tracking these is a breeze with the Kreatio CMS. You can create projects, add articles, assign authors and monitor progress, all from one window.

Cross post articles

You can easily cross post articles from one website to another without having to copy paste them again and again. When you cross post using the Kreatio CMS, SEO requirements are automatically taken care of, as the system automatically sets canonical URLs.