Six financial benefits for the CFO from implementing the Kreatio CMS

Six financial benefits for the CFO from implementing the Kreatio CMS

As the CFO of the organization, you are concerned not just with the current costs of operations. You are equally, if not more concerned about the total cost that a platform decision will entail. That is, you are concerned with the full lifecycle costs of the platform - What it costs to keep the platform running and productive during its complete lifecycle. Kreatio understands this and have taken that extra step to give you not only lower costs of ownership, but also full visibility of platform costs over the entire lifecycle.

Here are the six strategic and operation benefits that Kreatio provides to the organization from a CFO's perspective.

Full visibility of costs

A Kreatio contract has all costs visible and fixed for the duration of the contract. We do not vary our charges based on unpredictable factors. We do not charge per seat, per reader or per page view. When you make more money, that is fully yours to keep. We do not want a share!

Unlike most other vendors, we do not make our revenues from change requests. Change requests contribute only to a small portion of your annual bill. And you can even make it zero! We make our profits when our cost of maintaining the platform for you is low. That is, our teams are incentivised to reduce bugs and other problems you face.

Fixed prices, no yearly escalations

Not only do you have full visibility of costs; We do not charge you yearly escalations. Our contract fixes your prices and rates for a full three years. This means that inflation will not increase your outflow. In fact, if you take inflation into account, your prices actually go down year upon year! Thus, you get full visibility and control over your platform budgets for a longer period of time, helping you plan your other investments wisely.

Faster deployments means more productivity

The Kreatio framework is written to ensure that services can be deployed really fast. This means that your teams can become productive that much earlier.

Automation and self-service reduce costs further

Unlike other platforms, many of the configuration changes in our systems are automatic or can be done at your end in a self-service mode. For these, you do not need programmers or our help. For example, when your editors unpublish an article, redirects are automatically done. When they cross post an article to a sister site, canonical URL is automatically set. You do not need separate manpower or effort for any of these. This reduces your operating costs even further.

No additional training costs:&nbsp

On-site training, once at one venue is included in the build costs. Additional training sessions over skype or similar is available at no additional cost. A number of videos as well as how-to's are also available on our website.

Platform upgrades are free

All platform upgrades are free to existing customers and we guarantee at least one major upgrade once in four years. This ensures that your publishing platforms are not outdated and do not have unsupported elements or security holes. Not only that, all this comes as part of the maintenance and at no extra charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at +44 20 7846 0200 (UK) or +91 9591124621 (India) or write to us at to understand how Kreatio platforms can makes better financial sense for you.