Nine benefits from Kreatio CMS as the Head of Digital sees it

Nine benefits from Kreatio CMS as the Head of Digital sees it

As the head of digital, you are the keeper of the digital fortunes of the organisation. The world of digital publishing is evolving furiously, both in terms of technologies and business models. Your decisions of today will decide how the organisation's digital future will be- whether it will adapt, or whether it will be left by the wayside. Therefore, it is important that you not only take the right decisions, but also futureproof them. Here is how partnering with Kreatio can ensure that your decisions are right for today and for the tomorrows to come.

Quick deployment of sites

The earlier your site is up, the more productive your team and business is. The Kreatio architecture makes for really fast deployment of sites. Most sites are deployed in under three months. We have even migrated functioning sites to our platform in under a month. When it comes to event microsites, your team can deploy a new microsite without any intervention from our side in less than a day!

The flexible framework enables extensive customization

The Kreatio framework is extremely flexible and customizable, meaning that even complex business rules and content display rules can be easily implemented. What is more, sites with opposing rules can peacefully coexist without any performance penalty. Therefore, you will not have to limit features on any site just because its sister sites do not have it.

The quick rollout of customized features

Not only is the framework customizable but also, the customizations can be quickly rolled out, thanks to the unique architecture that we use. This means that you are able to quickly adapt to changes in business requirements, without having a long wait.

Microservices optimises costs

All Kreatio platforms are built around a microservices architecture. This ensures that the infrastructure can be scaled only where required. There is no need to increase overall architecture. This leads to optimisation of server costs that in turn reduces in your annual costs.

Regular feature enhancements

The Kreatio platform is regularly updated with new features and enhancements in keeping with the latest trends in the industry. This set of regular updates plus the ability to customize the platform keeps you ahead of the curve in the industry.

Dedicated delivery manager and servicing team

A dedicated delivery manager along with a strong technology team ensures that your needs are met on priority and do not have to wait in a common queue for their turn. 

Easily integrate third-party services

To get the best results, you will want to integrate your content platform with a number of third-party services. These include marketing automation services, audience engagement platforms, analytics platforms, social platforms and the like. Our API based platform makes it easy to integrate with any of them easily.

Self-service makes it faster

Many of the settings inside Kreatio systems do not need any external help to change. They can be changed even by editors who do not know to programme. This makes basic changes to the system not only easier but also faster.

Headless makes it really futureproof

The Kreatio CMS is an API only CMS making it a headless CMS. So, you can choose to send any content to any frontend you want. Thus the Kreatio CMS provides a future proof platform that can easily support content display needs, devices and screen sizes of the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at +44 20 7846 0200 (UK) or +91 9591124621 (India) or write to us at to understand how Kreatio platforms can makes better digital sense for you.