Six advantages that the Kreatio CMS gives to the Head of Sales

Six advantages that the Kreatio CMS gives to the Head of Sales

the head of sales for a digital publisher, you are responsible not only for bringing in the revenues, but also for ensuring quick turnaround time for your clients. The Kreatio CMS helps you stand out in both these areas. It has been built ground up with a modern digital publisher in mind. Here are six areas in which the Kreatio CMS helps you to meet your KPAs as the head of sales of a digital publishing organisation.

Extensive monetization opportunities built-in

The Kreatio CMS comes with extensive monetization opportunities built in. Almost any element can be easily branded for sponsorship or tracked for performance. Articles and other content groups can be scheduled to be published or unpublished. You can include sponsor branding on an article by article basis. And in listing pages and blocks like section listings and most read, you can easily insert content out of turn for promoting custom content.

Quickly create and deploy landing pages

Everyone is talking landing pages. Most marketing campaigns need one. You can quickly create classy landing pages with the Kreatio CMS. What is more, you can have your own design templates! Select a template, fill in the content and attach a form (also available in the Kreatio CMS) and your landing page is ready. Want to attach an asset instead of a form? Done in a few clicks! Want to make the landing page live on a future date? You can schedule that. Want to automatically take it down on a pre-decided date? You can do that too. Want to hide the site's menu? No problem.

Best in class custom content features

The Kreatio CMS provides multiple options for managing custom content. You can mark individual items as custom content. You can even let your custom content partners use the CMS to manage their content. In this case, the partners are isolated from each other and from your editorial team. You can set quotas for custom content partners and also specify areas in which their content can be published. You can automatically exclude custom content from paywalls like SmartScribr using exclusion rules.

Increase advertising inventory

The Kreatio commenting system comes with an elaborate set of features, the least of which is the ability to insert ads in between comments, thus increasing your inventory and revenues. You can insert ads like you insert them in normal content pages. It is that simple!

Convert tags to rich promotional pages

With the Rich tags feature, you can quickly convert any tag into a SEO content rich promoted page with sponsor branding.

Manage Ads.txt

If you have signed up for programmatic advertising on your site, then you need to maintain an Ads.txt file. With the Kreatio CMS, creating and managing an ads.txt file is even simpler than creating an article. You can add new authorized vendors or comments easily. With equal ease you can edit existing entries or regroup them.