Directory: The revenue magnet for online publishers

A directory is an ideal monetisation opportunity for any digital media publication or online portal since it assures visitor traffic, brand value and access to businesses. It offers more information with tremendous ease, speed, pin-pointed accuracy and extraordinary detail, down to exact location on a map.

Online directory's main strength is its immaculate ability to attract thousands of qualified visitors and convert them into buyers. This is the primary reason several businesses, including media companies, flock to the directory.



Why a publication cannot do without a successful Paywall strategy

Across the globe, content is being increasingly consumed online, and most often, for free. But providing content for free is unsustainable in the long run for any media house, however big or diversified. The primary business challenge is to evolve a model wherein the reader will be agreeable to pay for good content and analysis.

So, the secret recipe of a successful paywall strategy is to develop the right editorial mix that takes into consideration the interests of both readers and advertisers.

Effective User Engagement in the Content Management Environment

Assuring a pleasurable user engagement experience is a must for every successful online business. With regards to content management, every digital publisher needs to evolve a user engagement strategy that is embedded in every aspect of the publication-user relationship.

Once you implement your user engagement strategy effectively, the proposition translates into priceless loyalty to your brand. It's about offering unique experiences to your users in real-time, thereby enhancing the brand's credibility and loyalty.

Leveraging Online Content for High Value Leads

A lead generation strategy makes a lot of difference to media companies, whose portfolio may include newspapers, magazines, events and trade directories. For, digital publishers can steadily build their lead database through several campaigns and sell them to buyers based on specific profiles.

A media company capable of getting such leads is highly regarded by vendors and well trusted by prospective leads. Read on to know how it is a worthwhile and vital proposition for your business.

Revenue Optimisation Strategies for Online Publishers

In their pursuit to optimise site revenues, publishers should offer great value through their content and tap the potential of their advertising space. And, they must strike a balance between selling ad space and being a part of an ad network.

It can be achieved through larger ad formats, more content per story, image galleries, surveys, comments, etc. Explore how digital publishers can leverage technology to survive, adapt to and prosper with the change.

Why Security is Crucial in The Content Management Ecosystem

Every organisation is vulnerable to security breaches, and any cyber attack can destroy not just data, but revenue sources and reputation as well. So, you would do better to be safe than sorry by preparing yourself to deal with the highly sophisticated threat landscape.

There, however, are ways to pre-empt these attacks and safeguard your networks through knowledge superiority, policy frameworks and plain common sense. Learn how secure your framework is and has to be.

Events: The hidden and underexploited revenue opportunity for publishers

Events, when executed exceptionally well, deliver new revenue sources for media enterprises. An event can be of any form - tradeshow, exhibition, seminar, convention, exposition, conference, debates, panel discussion, speech, awards dinner or a contest - and is equally suitable for B2C and B2B categories, across special areas of interest like technology, food, sports, fashion and such.

Events are a proven means to get the target community and sponsoring brands on a single platform and generate revenues.

The hidden costs of a Content Management System for professional publishers

These have not been easy days for publishers. Revenue models are under constant churn and bottom lines are under acute pressure. Publishers are faced not only with the challenge of evolving digital revenue models, but are also facing a constant onslaught from a range of emerging forces in doing so. In this context, it is not at all surprising that publishers are looking at ways to reduce costs, reduce team sizes and increase productivity, all at the same time.