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IDG Connect

Integrating Editorial content with the world's leading white paper library

IDG Connect is the demand generation division of International Data Group(IDG), the world's largest technology media company. Connect is the leading source for technology white papers in the world. Established in 2005, IDG Connect leverages its access to technology decision-makers to connect them to technology marketers. The whitepapers published by IDG Connect are sought by CIOs, CTOs and other IT decision-makers. They drive product and service choices worth many millions of dollars every year.

IDG Connect's business has a global reach and it is able to generate leads in almost any country.

Since inception, IDG Connect had used a push strategy to reach out to its audience. While the strategy was immensely successful, a need was felt to complement it with a pull strategy to further cement Connect's position in the technology markets. In order to do this, Connect decided to add more...