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KREATIO Websites: Easy-to-create and highly intuitive websites offering great monetisation opportunities and user experience

Across the globe, media organisations opt for websites as an extension of their brand identity, in an attempt to draw more traffic to and garner loyalty for their publications. They engage an editorial team to generate the content and in a few cases, the content is syndicated from external parties or collated from multiple sources. These websites tend to serve as a portal to a targeted community of users.


By and large, media content can be text, photos, galleries, podcasts, videos and a glut of digital assets, such as case studies, white papers, presentations, etc. 

In their pursuit to widen their monetising scope, media organisations can leverage a combination of revenue models for a website, ranging from charging for content, advertisements, lead generation, to referrals, content syndication, content licensing, and promotions.

They can also create activities around a website that will engender community engagement and open up additional revenue opportunities. Events, trainings, forums, lead generation, promotions, jobs, classifieds are some examples of such activities. It is not uncommon that the main website contributes little to the overall margins, while the additional activities contribute a sizeable chunk of the revenues.

KREATIO Websites

KREATIO platform enables creation and management of content websites for digital publishers, such as online magazines, newspapers, TV channels, etc. These media websites host articles, videos, images, galleries, and white papers, and facilitate all revenue generation opportunities for publishers, including from major channels like advertisements, subscriptions, content syndication, content licensing, data collection and lead generation.

In order to leverage all these opportunities that go well beyond traditional advertisements, it is pertinent for organisations to be equipped with modern and feature-rich websites, which would keep them connected with their readers. But then, it takes more than quality content to engage modern users. For starters, the sites should have multiple navigation options, content optimisation, SEO and rankings, newsletters, RSS feeds, custom alerts, user comments, article ratings, polls and voting options, among other aspects.


KREATIO assures all these options and even more through its interactive sites and comprehensive publishing solution, which are easy and simple for editors to create. Furthermore, these sites scale with the respective business models.

KREATIO Websites can be leveraged to develop impressive websites. Our editorial back-office enables creation and management of articles and other content, including digital assets, by editorial staff. Through integration of user profiles, polls, forums, ratings, comments, blogs, etc, it ensures better user engagement and experience.

KREATIO Websites' Agile framework makes it easy for publishers to merge multiple websites into a single website or split one website into multiple microsites or sites. Digital publishers can also utilise automatic re-targeting of content across multiple channels as well as seamless integration of the platform with any combination of KREATIO products.


BioSpectrum spectacularly pulled off the transition from print to digital widening its reach, and how!

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Websites Benefits

Interactivity and Navigation

KREATIO develops interactive websites that are not only unique, but also make you engage with your user base in an efficient way. The websites offer a great forum for users to express their views, have group discussions, offer feedback to you and share information with their peers, which help you in engaging them.

The platform lays importance on Navigation and Search features to make an early impression on first-time visitors. As the sites are designed and developed with potential users in mind, it lowers bounce rates and helps boost revisit rates considerably.

Robust & Resilient

KREATIO platform has been extremely resilient, supporting continuous operation with no unscheduled downtime since implementation and terabytes of data transfer every day.

Ron Doobay, Group Director, IT and Business Systems, Incisive Media

Simple Editorial Back-office

The editorial back-office of the platform assures easy and quick creation and management of any content types and digital assets. It also can be centralised to administer and share content among various group websites of the same publisher.

Content Monetisation 

KREATIO platform offers a great proposition to monetise content through several channels. On the platform, you can erect a paywall for paid content, host advertisements, enable lead generation through simple registration forms and other means, opt for referrals, syndicated content, content licensing, and promotions, besides directory listings.

Ultimate User Experience 

KREATIO platform offers optimised user experience, starting from a well-designed website, easy navigability, content personalisation to user engagement and interactive sections. It also ensures the conversion of casual visitors to your regular users. With its multi-channel delivery model, these sites can be accessed on all kinds of devices, encouraging user engagement.

A selection of our clients who are using KREATIO WEBSITES

KREATIO develops content-rich websites for digital media organisations, which can leverage a wide range of revenue models like paid content, advertisements, lead generation, referrals, content syndication, content licensing, and promotions. Our editorial back-office facilitates quick and easy management of digital assets.

  • IDG

    “We have used KREATIO on three significant platform builds over the past five years. Kreatio offers an incredibly powerful off-the-shelf publishing solution that can be adapted and customised to any requirement. KREATIO has very strong developers and project managers that bridge the gap. They are efficient in delivery, have excellent processes to aid delivery and are always willing to go that extra mile. Their support post project completion is exemplary.”

    Matthew Smith Managing Director

  • Incisive Media

    “We have sites producing millions of page impressions and terabytes of data transfer per day. The platform has been extremely resilient, supporting continuous operation with no unscheduled downtime since implementation. We have also been able to keep all sites up and running while performing upgrades and new site launches. KREATIO has proven to be an excellent partner.”

    Group Director of IT and Business Systems

  • MM Activ

    "KREATIO's editorial platform enabled a smooth transition from print to digital for our biosciences publication. Their robust application made upgrading to the new system hassle-free. It certainly helped boost the numbers of our unique visitors and page views in a short span of time. The design layout also had a refreshing look and feel to it."

    Narayanan Suresh Group Editor

  • Haymarket Media

    "We were looking for a robust digital platform that would enable the migration of our then traditional publication content to the online medium. KREATIO did a commendable job of it with its easy-to-use, scalable and reliable back-end editorial platform to make our online publication more powerful and prominent. They opened up a lot of newer avenues for our digital business that we never explored before."

    Suresh Ramakrishnan Publishing Director


KREATIO is proud to be associated with these reputed media organisations. We aspire to sustain our professional rapport with them and take it to greater heights as well as expand our clientele.

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It's time to rise above the competition. KREATIO would be happy to take you through this wonderful journey.