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KREATIO's best-in-class products and solutions boost our clients' monetisation potential and, in turn, make their businesses stay ahead of the competition

Event Microsites Use Case
Event Microsites

Our Event Microsites solution offers innovative features to help you easily and quickly create impressive microsites for the upcoming events on your calendar, without any technical knowledge. It helps you deliver more engaging content and build a strong user connect.

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Incremental Demographics

Our intuitive incremental demographics solution has ensured that publishers elicit user information in a hassle-free manner. It is conceptualised in a way to sustain user interest and increase the lead quality by customising questionnaires to suit everyone's preferences and curbing drop-outs.

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Incremental Demographics Use Case
LeadGeneration Use Case
Lead Generation

KREATIO Lead Gen, an exemplary solution, has helped innumerous organisations to turn their businesses into profitable ventures. The solution's extensive portfolio enables you to generate and monetise sales-ready leads that are distinct. You can also get all the campaign statistics using the solution.

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The Microsites solution from KREATIO has let publications turn the spotlight on any topic, campaign or other aspects, without taking anything away from their main sites. You can create independent microsites as well on our platform, which ably implement best SEO practices to assure optimum search results.

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Microsites Use Case
Paywall Use Case

Our highly flexible paywall has empowered digital publishers to change their content offering model from free to premium or freemium or metered. You can implement it without any technical expertise or assistance, and integrate it with any third-party system.

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Secure Framework

KREATIO's secure framework safeguards your network and data from most of the security breaches and cyber attacks. Our platform's single core is constantly updated to protect you from any evolving threat perception.

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Secure Framework Use Case
Registration Use Case

KREATIO Registration enables easy data capture through customised forms exclusively for your websites, events or activities. It employs incremental demographics, which lets you collect valuable user information from time to time, without disruption. You can enrol users for events, subscription, newsletters, and generate more leads.

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KREATIO Newsletters lets digital publishers engage their visitors and turn them into prospects. They can classify and specifically target certain demographics and send customised messages to market and monetise their content offerings.

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Newsletters Use Case
Directory Use Case

Offering categorised listing of companies, products, and services - including paid, featured and free listings - KREATIO Directory is a comprehensive solution. It enables digital organisations to collect and monetise data, sell leads and feature list rentals, and generate income from traffic.

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KREATIO is proud to be associated with these reputed media organisations. We aspire to sustain our professional rapport with them and take it to greater heights as well as expand our clientele.

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