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Kreatio CMS

Kreatio CMS is our flagship product. It incorporates Chitra our Artificial Intelligence-based Image Management System and can also perform as a Headless System.


SmartScribr is a powerful Digital Paywall solution from Kreatio that allows you to maximize subscriptions. SmartScribr gives you full control over who views your content and prevent non-s...


Mailfixx streamlines the entire Newsletter process frees up your team to work on revenue-generating activities, instead of pointless busy work editing newsletters.


Data journalism made easy. Forget about expensive graphic designers you can create interactive eye-catching data graphics, charts and embed them in your story all in just a few clicks.


Leadgen is the highest ROI work you can do. It opens up an entirely new world of monetization opportunities with minimum work.

Kreatio NJAA

It's pronounced as NINJA(Not Just Another Analytics). It gives you deep insights into your customers so you can make game-changing decisions.


SINDBAD lets you completely customize the way your directory works to suit your goals. SINDBAD gives more inter-linkage, discovery and monetization opportunities for the publisher.


It is a platform on which different members of the events team - editors, web designers, conference producers, etc- can work together to create microsites.

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