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KREATIO Subscriptions: Create tiered content offerings with flexible subscription bundles, spanning multiple sites, for added revenue

Paywalls are designed to monetise online and other digital information by screening visitors from accessing websites and similar content providers without having a paid subscription.


You can offer multiple type of subscriptions employing paywalls – for instance, individual subscriptions, institutional subscriptions and trial subscriptions, are feasible. It helps you create multiple subscription levels and unlimited flexible products as well.

But mere implementation of a paywall doesn't ensure the success of you digital properties. You need a deeper understanding of your users before implementing a paywall. If you want to provide value to your subscribers and maximise revenue from your content, it's imperative that you implement a paywall without affecting your website's traffic and disappointing the advertisers.


KREATIO paywall system offers unmatched flexibility and it can be customised depending on your changing requirements and evolving business strategy. The system assures you flexible product management, as you can create as many products as you want using any combination.

The paywall solution offers digital publishers the flexibility to change their content offering model from free to premium or freemium or metered. You can easily create tiered offerings – totally free, registration only and paid content.

Opting for the solution, you can choose any model for your content and customise it as per your changing business strategy. You can also manage your subscribers and subscriber information easily with automated processes and generate extensive reports. It lends itself to be integrated with any third-party system like payment gateway, fulfillment systems, authentication systems, etc.

Simplified Subscriber Management

Most customers are averse to filling forms and dislike lengthy registration processes. In order to make the registration process easy on your users, KREATIO offers easy registration through enterprise-wide single sign-on. You can improve the user experience by letting them create a common user profile that can be used to access all the sites.

In this process, a user logging onto one site is not asked to log in again while accessing any other site within the group. Common user profile also assures publishers a 360-degree view of the user and deep insights into user behaviour information across their group publications. This user data can be used in marketing intelligence, improving your products, and customer service.

Multi-property Paywall

KREATIO Paywall solution offers support for not just one or two, but several of your properties, and you can offer subscription bundles that span multiple sites.


Explore how IDG Connect extended its portfolio with new sections, content model and generated premium leads.

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Paywall Benefits


With ‘First Click Free’ (FCF), Google allows restricted content to appear in search indexes. KREATIO paywall system complies with the Google First Click Free requirements, thereby helping you maintain your search engine rankings.

Single Sign-on

KREATIO simplifies the registration process for your users, by offering easy registration through single sign-on.

Comprehensive Solution

Our digital magazine needs are fulfilled by KREATIO's core construct – be it for lead generation, paywall, subscriptions, or in creating and maintaining a brand identity online.

Deepak Garg,  Executive Director, IT Next

Subscriber Data

With subscriber data, you can control multiple people from logging into a single account. You can send automated mails to subscribers and keep track of expiry with automated e-mail reminders.

KREATIO Paywall system also offers you a customer service back office. With KREATIO Paywall, you have full control over your data and can generate subscriber reports according to configurable filters, and combine multiple databases. It also supports importing data, automated de-duplication and exporting filtered users.

Easy Integration

KREATIO Paywall system can be seamlessly integrated with standard authentication system, information storage system or any other third-party system.

If you wish to migrate your subscription bundles to app stores with your websites and print publications, KREATIO makes integration with app stores easy for you. More often than not, hard copy subscriptions are sold along with online access.


These require integration and/or data hand-off to the fulfillment system. KREATIO offers hassle-free integration with any fulfillment system as well as seamless integration with payment gateways and you can choose from any service provider.

A selection of our clients who are using KREATIO SUBSCRIPTIONS

KREATIO platform's multiple subscription levels and bundles let you collect user data, generate subscriber reports and send e-mails, facilitating deep insights into user behaviour and marketing intelligence. It can be integrated with any third-party authentication, app stores, fulfilment system and payment gateways.

  • IDG

    “We have used KREATIO on three significant platform builds over the past five years. Kreatio offers an incredibly powerful off-the-shelf publishing solution that can be adapted and customised to any requirement. KREATIO has very strong developers and project managers that bridge the gap. They are efficient in delivery, have excellent processes to aid delivery and are always willing to go that extra mile. Their support post project completion is exemplary.”

    Matthew Smith Managing Director

  • Incisive Media

    “We have sites producing millions of page impressions and terabytes of data transfer per day. The platform has been extremely resilient, supporting continuous operation with no unscheduled downtime since implementation. We have also been able to keep all sites up and running while performing upgrades and new site launches. KREATIO has proven to be an excellent partner.”

    Group Director of IT and Business Systems

  • MM Activ

    "KREATIO's editorial platform enabled a smooth transition from print to digital for our biosciences publication. Their robust application made upgrading to the new system hassle-free. It certainly helped boost the numbers of our unique visitors and page views in a short span of time. The design layout also had a refreshing look and feel to it."

    Narayanan Suresh Group Editor

  • Haymarket Media

    "We were looking for a robust digital platform that would enable the migration of our then traditional publication content to the online medium. KREATIO did a commendable job of it with its easy-to-use, scalable and reliable back-end editorial platform to make our online publication more powerful and prominent. They opened up a lot of newer avenues for our digital business that we never explored before."

    Suresh Ramakrishnan Publishing Director


KREATIO is proud to be associated with these reputed media organisations. We aspire to sustain our professional rapport with them and take it to greater heights as well as expand our clientele.

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