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We have been intimately associated with the media sector for over 15 years and have had the opportunity to observe firsthand the myriad ways in which the Internet has impacted various media houses during this period.

In the media industry, innovation is an imperative and it is the innovative companies that have ridden the crest and changed the landscape in its wake. The online media space is highly dynamic and for any online product to sustain its momentum and ride the next wave, it has to constantly innovate and re-invent itself every few years.

KREATIO products are designed to deliver against this changing landscape. KREATIO ensures that your business remains relevant regardless of the changes in the marketplace. KREATIO’s flexible and agile suite of products is designed to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment.

The credo at KREATIO is our unswerving commitment to deliver on our promises and this is manifest in each and every KREATIO product that:

  • is backed by a team that has been supporting more than thousand web properties
  • has a business-friendly back office that will go the extra mile to resolve any issues
  • boasts of top-of-the-line editorial workflow, content repository and website management features
  • has systems in place that scale as your business grows
  • is built on an agile framework that allows you to evolve along with your business
  • encompasses an extensible and expandable platform for easy integration with third-party systems
  • has multiple language support
  • comes with user engagement features such as polls, comments, ratings, blogs, competitions and forums
  • allows mobile device detection and targeting
  • follows the responsive design approach for optimal experience across devices
  • has at its core a Digital Assets Management System to centrally manage all your assets
  • adheres to ethical and best SEO practices.

It's time to rise above the competition. KREATIO would be happy to take you through this wonderful journey.