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KREATIO Philosophy


We have had a ringside view of the media industry by virtue of being closely associated with several media houses for over 15 years. And through these years, we have witnessed the evolution of the Internet and ways in which it has impacted the publishing sector..

We have observed the following trends:

  • Many print publishers see the increasing transition to digital media a threat.
  • Innovation is the name of the game and the bold and brave are bringing about significant changes to the landscape; the churn is quite rapid and there are perceptible shifts occurring every three years or so.
  • Media companies that attempted the transition to the Internet with their “as is” business models often did not pass muster.
  • Successful players were able to create new business and revenue models that would not have been possible without the Internet.
  • New entrants – Facebook, Google, Apple, and job portals – are all vying for a slice of the pie.
  • Online is no longer a “nice to have” option for media business, but an imperative.

Given our keen understanding and deep insights, we have developed a unique framework for media companies to be successful in this intensely competitive marketplace. KREATIO enables diverse avenues for generating additional revenue for online media publishers, and, in the process, ensure that your business remains relevant, irrespective of the changes in the marketplace.

We understand that it is a daunting task to change the course of an entire organization, yet, we have assisted several media companies make a successful transformation. We are there every step of the way, holding your hand and accompanying you all through the journey. Along the way, we will share with you nuggets of wisdom that we have gleaned from our long association with the media business and enhance both, your productivity and profitability.


Here are a few thoughts to ponder if you are contemplating giving your existing business model a complete makeover:

- Imagine how people will consume media five years from now?
- Consider what will be the impact of handhelds and wearable computers?
- Aided by innovation, how new players will emerge in your segment? 
- When you should begin making changes?

It's time to rise above the competition. KREATIO would be happy to take you through this wonderful journey.