Work with kreatio
Work with kreatio

Plunged in the immense diversity and entralling demands of our clients around the world, KREATIO has gained a sustainable competivite advantage by constant and effective communication and quality services by our highly dedicated team.

Thus we, as a strong global brand, are determined to attract, develop, deploy and connect the right talent within our organisation and enable them to attain competence through global opportunities and a variety of exposure and diverse experiences.In the emerging scenario of global competition and diverse work cultures, we portray ourselves as a strong employer brand that constantly motivates, engages and transitions our diverse people-assets and mould them into spectacular talents.

 KREATIO values its employees and their diversity as its most precious assets and strongly believes that customer satisfaction and productivity are always the fruits of employee-wellbeing and proper work-life balance and thus strives to provide its people with the best working environment. We at KREATIO blend flexibility and transparency in all our working areas keeping the doors open and encouraging our people to think out of the box and bring innovation in every way possible.

Being exposed to the latest technologies and learning through various training opportunities, our employees bring the best out of their talents and are propelled to the highly competitive markets. Our friendly and cheerful work culture makes us stand ahead of others, paving ways for higher achievements and tributing high standards of excellence to our client base. Life at KREATIO is exciting and fun where you can accelerate that adrenaline rush of yours by going on company outings, engaging in cultural activities and evolving through seminars and events and thus revitalising the vibe of enthusiasm in you. It is all about forming a sense of achivement and work ownership in our employees and promoting a healthy work politics.

 We build our employer brand through:

  • High transparency accross the hierarchy.

  • Flexible working hours which can put our employees at ease.

  • Enhancement of employees' roles in professional and organisational development.

  • High integrity of commitments.

  • Rewards and recognition for professional efforts and achievements.

  • Participative decision making, enhancing the employees' motivation level.

  • Scope for horizontal cross-functional as well as vertical communications for better results and productivity.

  • Constant help and support through periodic trainings and career development opportunities.

  • Encouraging a diverse and cross cultural employee base, and brainstorming of ideas.

  • Equal and fair opportunities for all the employees.

The enlivening culture and enlightening work environment has always helped KREATIO to gain the trust and commitment of its employees, making it one of the best places to work.




At Kreatio, we believe in improving the overall productivity of your editorial and media operations teams and in making your digital assets work harder for you. We understand that a media solution is not a install and forget affair. Our teams work continuously to keep your website and you operations ticking and in top grove.

Your contract with us includes a bouquet of 10 different services that you would otherwise have to invest in separately.

Round-the-clock business critical support. Complete Lifecycle maintenance for your product. Total import and export of your data. Regular minor upgrades and security fixes. Ensures you one major update at the minimum for contracts of 3 years or above. A full security pen testing. Run security tests periodically. Once a year site optimization. Three levels of backups for your data. Free break-fix management.