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Comprehensive Platform

KREATIO is a feature-rich, database-driven Web Content Management (WCM) system that enables media companies to achieve a strategic advantage over their competitors. Equipped with powerful features and an easy-to-use interface, KREATIO helps manage a wide range of Web-based enterprise applications from a single platform.It seamlessly integrates communities, databases, e-commerce and statistics modules for creating, publishing and managing rich and user-friendly websites.

With KREATIO, publishers can ensure greater visibility, persuasiveness and consumption of content, resulting in increased monetization. Publishers can choose to buy the entire KREATIO suite or individual KREATIO modules depending on their need.

KREATIO Engineering

KREATIO delivers web sites that perform in the most demanding scenarios. Like a super luxury car enormous engineering effort has been invested to keep the user interface simple and to place the complexities under the hood. Customers get a platform that can endure the toughest of demands and can provide a hassle-free ride.

Over several hundred innovations make KREATIO a high performance, reliable, easy to use, easily configurable, quick to deploy, and flexible solution. A few such innovations include:

  • A Kernel that is optimized to run high traffic online media
  • A comprehensive plain English Domain Specific Language (DSL) to define data collections comprising articles, videos, images, polls, comments, and every data in the CMS
  • Product definitions which use the same DSL
  • A highly componentized view of a template
  • Flexible component configuration – define data and User Interface independently
  • Define individual caching policies for each component
  • Enforce User Interface style consistency across components
  • Share component cache across templates
  • A fully redundant and fault tolerant solution architecture
  • The option to use a variety of H/W, OS, and RDBMS
  • Support for application triggered cache expiry
  • Reporting of “computationally expensive” components
  • Capability to quickly detect system stress and identify “hot pages and components"
  • Capability to quickly disable / change cache policy – ease the stress so that the system remains up
  •  Linear scalability – get more throughput by adding more H/W.
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN) support for scaling
  • Distributed assets host support – offload serving images, videos, etc., to alternate servers
  • Resource partitioning –allocate upper limits on resources for CMS, WPS, Interfaces, etc., isolate application level faults
  • Isolated Interfaces –enable interface specific policies
  • Integration hooks –allow easy integration of industry standard third party services

Winner’s Edge

 KREATIO enables media and publishing businesses to create and maintain the “Winner’s Edge” with the following differentiated features:

  • Incremental persuasion - engages users in a non-intrusive manner
  • Converts visitors to regular users
  • Simple to use and manage- Makes it suitable for users from editorial and marketing departments
  • Granular Artifact Management using XML- Provides a flexible and dynamic subset of content that is specific to a context
  • Price aligned to potential business gains- Allows businesses to decide the budget outlay for each property
  • Successive graded investment- Enables businesses to move up the tier hierarchy based on the success of a property in the market
  • Helps avoid death by success- Keeps the site alive even when it is successful
  • Open source infrastructure- Keeps initial investments down and successive costs low particularly while scaling up
  • Exhaustive automation of web publishing- Allows businesses to create sites on which only articles needs to be written; everything else is automated
  • Quick launches of a new property from scratch, or re-aggregation of existing content
  • Fast re-launches – swiftly refreshes branding of your property

It's time to rise above the competition. KREATIO would be happy to take you through this wonderful journey.