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KREATIO Software Pvt. Ltd.
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Old Mangammanapalaya Road,
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Career at KREATIO

With our business footprints spread across the globe, we are aware of the increased diversity and multicultural emphasis at our workplace and with our clients. Understanding the diversity and cultures of those around us has enhanced the communication, productivity and unity at our workplace.

Companies play an increasingly social role today. That’s why KREATIO strives for quality of life in the workplace as it is a major lever in boosting the employee’s motivation.

We strongly believe that success depends upon the skills, qualities and well-being of our people and this is underpinned by the way in which, as an equal opportunities employer, we at KREATIO, recruit, train and develop employees who meet the requirements of the job, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, disability, age or religion. KREATIO values the diversity of its people and it is our Life-Work ethos that distinguishes us from others.

We provide opportunities for career development and encourage all our employees to achieve their full career potential within the business by introducing the individuals into the organizational mix. During the process of working together an informal hierarchy is established.


Effort is constantly made to provide our employees with a meaningful work life that comes with a good learning curve. Each employee is exposed to the joy of working on cutting-edge technologies; a sense of ownership of work, set in an environment of transparency at all levels for a healthy work culture; active, unhindered participation that bring us closer to each other and to our clients. Working with us is both fun and fulfilling that makes us as one of the most desirable workplace. It is about innovating all the time and a continuous endeavour to do better than the last time.

Life at KREATIO is not just all work and no play! Every employee is encouraged to praticipate in calendar cultural activities, be part of company outings, seminars and events to be rejuvenated and bring about a healthy work and life balance. The work environment is devoid of any office politics. Practising 'good politics' has provided opportunities to properly further our own interests, and those of our team and our cause.

KREATIO’s success is predicted on what each of us do, how we do it, and our belief that we can always do it better with:

  • Reward and recognition for every employee’s effort and achievement
  • Informal Hierarchy that facilitates conducive work environment and progress together
  • Scope for horizontal communication across functional areas improving productivity, information sharing and morale amongst employees
  • Regular feedback to set the right expectations amongst all
  • Setting clear goals to perpetuate more activity and work towards our vision
  • Periodic training and development to overcome weakness, adhere to policies and procedures, improve work experience, enhance knowledge, performance and satisfaction amongst employees
  • Equal employment opportunities for the deserving

An inspiring combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play and a great work culture makes KREATIO an exhilarating place to be in.

It's time to rise above the competition. KREATIO would be happy to take you through this wonderful journey.