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KREATIO Micro & Event sites: Build lucrative campaign- and event-specific microsites – within or outside main site – with ease

Microsites are primarily used for specific marketing campaigns or for event launches. They serve as a small website, or a subset of the primary website and mostly target a specific user community.


Microsites are a powerful tool in the quest to attract prospects, deepen brand loyalty, and extend your brand or organisation's reach in a non-spammy way. They are also apt for allowing your brand or organisation to take some risks or to experiment with a new campaign.

Likewise, event microsites can be created and made to work in tandem with the hosting organisation’s main website. It could include major speakers, programme schedule, itinerary, links for hotel reservations or event registration, customised travel plans and highlights about the destination.

Event microsites are dynamic, can be tweaked, improved and updated until the event. As an event draws closer, these sites will start populating and repeat customers can use the same microsite with updated information.

The KMMS Edge

KREATIO Microsites Management System (KMMS) lets publishers create impressive microsites combining aesthetics with function. It is a comprehensive solution that makes it very easy for people without any technical skills to quickly create attractive and content-rich microsites, which can be made available across channels.

It helps you connect with your core audiences through targeted marketing and advertisements. You can also generate more traffic by focusing on your niche segment with directories that are available across all platforms.

KREATIO makes users stay focused on publishers' campaigns and related call to action. Independent websites can be built quickly on the platform, which offers the flexibility to define the visual treatment and exercise complete control over design.

KMMS offers a set of predefined themes, option to add new pages, clone microsites, page import, menu management, digital assets, preview, multilingual support and web analytics. These microsites facilitate better user engagement driven by polls, forums, customer feedback pages, etc. Their built-in social media tool helps attract more users and manage traffic like a large enterprise. Ultimately, KMMS creates valuable inbound lead opportunities.

'Eventful' KEMMS

KREATIO Event Microsite Management System (KEMMS) is a comprehensive solution that is built on top of the Microsite Manager. The system is designed not only for any event launch, but also to connect you with your target audience and to help you attract more eyeballs and footfalls.

With KEMMS, you can create tremendous buzz leading up to the event, encourage registration and generate quality and sales-ready leads. You can also increase your brand visibility with our event microsites that are SEO-friendly.


On KEMMS, organisations can promote their events, increase event awareness and initiate dialogue through pre-registration, event schedule, speaker lists, etc.

KREATIO Event Microsites supports use of a predefined theme that is consistent with organisational branding guidelines, besides enabling addition of a new theme or adaptation of an existing theme. You can clone an existing event microsite as well as incorporate additional pages and menus to the old template to customise it to your current requirements.


A user-friendly microsites system meant even non-technical staff at IDG Direct could create affordable sites quickly.

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Microsite Benefits

Increased User Experience

Microsites take the burden away from the main website, yet assure the same focus. Any new campaign gets its deserved recognition on the microsite and the main website is free from information overload.

Effective Branding

As microsites turn the spotlight on specific campaigns, they ensure exclusive focus. The branding of the subject is bound to get undivided attention through the platform.

Enhanced Visibility

Since microsites implement international practices in SEO, they guarantee optimum search results. This ensures more visibility to campaigns, and, in turn, better user engagement.


More Traffic

KREATIO's robust application made upgrading to the new system hassle-free. It certainly boosted the numbers of our unique visitors and page views.

Narayanan Suresh, Group Editor, BioSpectrum

Event Sites Benefits

Exclusivity and Usability

KEMMS' predefined themes help create new event sites with customisable templates. You can upload and manage images, galleries, PDFs, logos and videos easily through the Digital Assets Management system. Event sites can be created in any language or a mix of languages within the same site.

Ease of Use

Organisations can save precious time and effort by cloning, reusing and refurbishing an existing event microsite without having to create anything from scratch.

User Connect

The platform ensures that you can deliver more engaging content and build a strong user connect before, during and after your events. It also has options for custom forms for each site and to manage the registration process easily.

A selection of our clients who are using KREATIO MICRO SITES and EVENT SITES

KREATIO Microsites offers a unique URL for your specific marketing campaigns and puts the limelight on the campaigns for you to target a specific user community.

KREATIO Event Microsites is best suited to create small event sites in 15 minutes, promote professional events organised throughout the year and engage your users.

  • IDG

    “We have used KREATIO on three significant platform builds over the past five years. Kreatio offers an incredibly powerful off-the-shelf publishing solution that can be adapted and customised to any requirement. KREATIO has very strong developers and project managers that bridge the gap. They are efficient in delivery, have excellent processes to aid delivery and are always willing to go that extra mile. Their support post project completion is exemplary.”

    Matthew Smith Managing Director

  • Incisive Media

    “We have sites producing millions of page impressions and terabytes of data transfer per day. The platform has been extremely resilient, supporting continuous operation with no unscheduled downtime since implementation. We have also been able to keep all sites up and running while performing upgrades and new site launches. KREATIO has proven to be an excellent partner.”

    Group Director of IT and Business Systems

  • MM Activ

    "KREATIO's editorial platform enabled a smooth transition from print to digital for our biosciences publication. Their robust application made upgrading to the new system hassle-free. It certainly helped boost the numbers of our unique visitors and page views in a short span of time. The design layout also had a refreshing look and feel to it."

    Narayanan Suresh Group Editor

  • Haymarket Media

    "We were looking for a robust digital platform that would enable the migration of our then traditional publication content to the online medium. KREATIO did a commendable job of it with its easy-to-use, scalable and reliable back-end editorial platform to make our online publication more powerful and prominent. They opened up a lot of newer avenues for our digital business that we never explored before."

    Suresh Ramakrishnan Publishing Director


KREATIO is proud to be associated with these reputed media organisations. We aspire to sustain our professional rapport with them and take it to greater heights as well as expand our clientele.

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