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Why You should Optimise Your Newsletter Delivery

Why You should Optimise Your Newsletter Delivery

18 April 2017

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E-mail communication is here to stay. Across desktops, tablets, notebooks and smartphones. It is one of the most valuable marketing channels that is also quite versatile. Publishers can use it at all stages of the sales conversion funnel and target a wide range of buyer personas and purchase needs. Sample this: 64.6 per cent of B2B and 48 per cent of B2C publishers rely on website banner ads or e-mail newsletter sponsorships for monetisation.

If you are looking for better customer engagement strategies to achieve your marketing goal, you can consider e-mail newsletters – an extremely effective solution to re-engage visitors. It is an attractive way for you to reach out to subscribers and offer them regular dose of information. Furthermore, they are a ridiculously low cost means of marketing to market your content and brand effectively.

E-mail newsletters generally convey latest information along with advertisements, image gallery, polls, links, or any content you want to feature. If you send out interesting and relevant information based on your users' behaviour through targeted newsletters, the move is bound to boost the open and click-through rates of the e-mail campaigns. For instance, the readers of entertainment section might not be willing to consume international news and vice versa.

While producing newsletters can be resource-intensive, they open a direct line of communication between a media organisation and its audience. When it comes to e-mail open rates, the most important measuring tool, the general consensus is that anything above 20 per cent is good. Optimising the frequency of newsletters is one way to increase the audience. Then again, there is no fixed number to it, as newspaper and magazine readers might be looking forward to daily or weekly updates, but industry magazine subscribers may not prefer the delivery schedule to be too frequent.

After the delivery of e-mail newsletters, media organisations can generate reports to measure the success of their newsletters. Armed with the trove of data they collect, publishers can find out the open rate, click-through rate and determine which campaigns had the best results, and what specific content type customers engaged with the most.

Once you have this precise information, you can do a better job at creating and offering more personalised content that users are interested in. This helps you in creating a more effective content strategy. The core idea is to stay more relevant and informative by aligning with user requirements.

Delivering regular e-mail newsletters to users is an attractive way for publishers to promote their online content, new subscription products, and generate repeat traffic to their websites. Most publishers would already be having their periodical newsletters. Presuming you have collated a massive e-mail database, you can promote your content and charge marketers to integrate their branded content or offers in your newsletter.

If you pay for newsletter distribution, your rate can be a part of a broader sponsorship package, cost per click, cost per action, or cost per lead. Sponsored newsletter is a great way for marketers to distribute their content in a native manner in your newsletters. 

If you are wondering how to optimise your newsletter despatch, ask us now at info@kreatio.com.

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