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7 Spectacular Ways to Monetise Your Content

7 Spectacular Ways to Monetise Your Content

18 April 2017

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The axiom 'content is king' holds true for attracting more users to your site. Digital publishers can offer curated content and personalised experience based on individual user behaviour and other related data. It leads to higher revenues. Simple, but true. There are so many innovative ways to monetise your site content, apart from employing the good ol' advertisements.

You can successfully generate more revenues by attracting more users with impressive content, engaging them, incentivising certain types of behaviour, enhancing revenue per page and leveraging the true value of an asset.

Digital publishers can also serve dynamic content suggestions to their users based on their demographics and behavioural preferences. Some media houses can consider curating content from other sites or sharing their site's high-quality news and analyses with external web sources.

Let's see seven such organic ways to boost your revenue potential: 

Attract More Users

You can successfully monetise by attracting more users, engaging and re-engaging them, also by incentivising certain types of behaviour.

Digital publishers can offer curated content and personalised experience based on individual user behaviour and other related data. Through better design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and RSS feeds, etc., you can attract more users to your site.

Make them Stay Long

If you are keen on making the most out of your ongoing content creation and dissemination efforts, you must spend some time engaging your users and making sure it is being utilised to its fullest potential for fruitful engagement resulting in longer visits.

You can build engagement by offering your users recommended or related articles, apart from most read, popular or trending ones. E-mail newsletters, RSS feeds, content alerts and social media play a prominent role in ensuring longer visits and revisits by your readers.

Enhance Revenue Per Page

You can enhance revenue per page employing lead generation, several innovative advertising models, including native and contextual ad targeting, third-party product promotion, events, seminars, etc.

Collect Data

You can gather user data by employing personalisation, free trials, adaptive content access, content alerts, newsletters, directories, etc.

The granular data captured about customers' patterns in usage, preferences and behavior facilitates serving targeted advertisements based on their demographics, behavioural pattern and requirements. Publishers can maximise their ad revenues in a short period through user data collection.

Monetise Data

As a media organisation, you would be generating tremendous user data round the clock. But data monetisation need not be only about selling data, but could be less direct as well.

Once gauging user interest and preferences, niche online publications can sell categorised premium leads that satisfy the requirements of advertisers and clients. You can ring-fence your content using paywalls, which can range from free to freemium and premium, once you know what your readers expect.

Online directories and list rentals are very resourceful for you to monetise product information. Since you retain the exclusive rights over the user data, your clients are bound to come back to you to sell their products and services.You can leverage user data to offer recommendations for events, seminars, webinars and third-party product promotions, and generate additional revenues.

Encourage User Participation

You can encourage user participation using personalisation, creating user profiles, article ratings and commenting, social media integration, etc.

Publishers of any type can also consider blogs, comments and feedback section, apart from competitions and fora to promote user participation.

Leverage Content and Functionality

Apart from these options, you can earn from content and functionality by syndicating content from others, earning from someone else’s content, placing advertisements on RSS feeds and licensing your content to others.

If you are keen on mastering these seven models, we are waiting to hear from you. You may reach us at info@kreatio.com.

Are you ready to optimise your offerings and reach the next level of success? Set up a free 30-minute no-obligation call to discuss how KREATIO can boost your digital revenues.

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