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Microsites, but Mega Benefits for Digital Publishers

Microsites, but Mega Benefits for Digital Publishers

07 June 2017

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Microsites are a boon for seasonal campaigns and product launches that have a short window for the creation of effective marketing tools and deployment. As these focus on specific campaigns, they assure exclusive attention on the branding of the subject. You can also have topics advertisements or sponsored content displayed on these microsites.

With simple and easy-to-create microsites, you can offer creative designs and more engaging user interactivity. Microsites help reaching the targeted audience better and also provide value to the advertisers and generating leads for them.

These sites will make the process of promotions through e-mails and newsletters convenient and easy, as well as raise the interest level of target audiences about the subject / theme. E-mails aren’t the only way publishers can generate leads for their advertisers though. According to the Association of Media Magazine’s Factbook, 67 per cent of digital magazine readers actually want to buy directly from magazine ads and 62 per cent of readers want to buy directly from articles.

Microsites can be used to generate revenue through multiple ways, including running a dedicated campaign for a brand and assuring effective branding for a sponsor. You could also sell ad space on your microsite for revenue generation, besides showing videos and video ads and employing innovative ad models like native ads.

If you have tried promoting your events through main or parent websites, you could have been beset by lack of focus in keeping visitor's attention and driving traffic to the event pages. Events that have their own logo and branding, different from that of the organisation, are an ideal fit for an exclusive microsite.

Event microsites are a great way to support and promote your event, help increase event awareness among your site visitors and target audiences, and initiate dialogue through pre-registration, event schedule and speaker lists, among other modes. The organisation and navigation can not only be highly customised to showcase the key event content, but also strategically changed to reflect time-sensitive actions like registration periods or calls for speakers.

You can either create an event site as a part of your main site or as a dedicated website with its own URL for promotion in your website and marketing material. If you want it to be members-only, you may offer exclusive access to the microsite from within the member portal.

Get in touch with us at info@kreatio.com to explore more about how best you can make use of microsites.


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