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How to Pick the Right Digital Publishing Platform

How to Pick the Right Digital Publishing Platform

07 June 2017

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As a digital publisher, you may want to pick a brand new publishing platform or switch over to a different platform from the existing one. The confusion for most in this regard is how to pick the right platform that would serve all their needs.

In many cases, organisations select a digital publishing platform for the first time, and naturally find it hard to fine-tune their business requirements. The publications that are replacing an existing system tend to be limited in their knowledge about digital publishing platforms – as it's restricted only to their current product. Hence, the real challenge for organisations is to develop knowledge and expertise in these platforms to ensure that informed decisions are made throughout the selection process.

Before finalising a platform, ask some pertinent questions:

  • What do you want to achieve with your website – disseminate information, sell products, generate leads, etc.?

  • Which features and scenarios do your organisational requirements demand right now?

  • Which business scenarios do you anticipate in the future?
  • How do you want to monetise your offerings?

  • What are your high priority tasks?

  • How technically equipped is your team?

The answers to these questions will help you pick the right digital publishing platform.

Workflow Management

It is very important that your publishing platform is user-friendly and intuitive for both technical and non-technical staff members alike. Apart from facilitating simple creation and management of content and other tasks, it should also ensure quick publishing on various digital channels.

You would do well to check on how the platform enables simple tasks, including updating text, inserting an image or uploading a document. Publishers should also find out about the processes for adding or removing web pages and organising their content in ordered lists.

Monetisation Opportunities

Whatever the platform you choose, it has to ultimately help you in generating more revenue. Whether it is ad serving, lead generation or online directories and subscriptions, every monetisation opportunity boosts your business to greater heights.

Be wary in picking the right platform that offers appropriate revenue generating models for your business. Every model is not going to fit your requirements.

Multi-channel Publishing

It is pertinent that any platform offers multi-channel publishing and delivery capabilities, so that you can serve your content and products on any mobile device.

With increasing number of mobile and tablet users, digital publishers should attempt to reach out to as many audiences as possible. This widens their user base and maximises their advertising potential as well.


Security is a major aspect in any digital publishing solution. Make sure you scrutinise the kind of security features that are offered by the platform and also check with your technical team whether it has any loopholes or issues.

In case of a security compromise or hacking incident in the future, find out what the CMS company would do to address your grievance.


While going for a digital publishing platform that ticks all your boxes, check if its offers the ability to track key performance metrics of your website. It's equally critical to explore how the CMS integrates with third-party and external analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Integration with a analytics solution or even call tracking software will come in handy in measuring lead activity and other key parameters of your website.


Get to know if the platform will help you write unique, appropriate, informative titles and descriptions for pages. Do ensure that it generates new web page addresses (URLs) without any clutter.

It is better if the platform offers or integrates with some external SEO tools for added depth and functionality.


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