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How to Make Your Site More Interactive?

How to Make Your Site More Interactive?

10 February 2015

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Try to look at websites from a visitor’s perspective. There are a lot of websites to visit. And the sites are constantly getting better and better. “So, where do I go?”

Interactivity is, perhaps, one of the most important factors in making a site an effective destination for various business goals. At a basic level, interactivity increases user engagement. It entices visitors to come back for more.

In order to understand how to make the site more interactive, let us look closely at what happens in the process. Essentially, people like to have conversations. So, good interactive sites are those that create adequate room for conversations. By conversations, we mean interesting cues that users take interest in responding to. It is through these responses that we would be able to achieve the desired goals on the site.

Websites can be more interactive by incorporating the following elements in an integrated manner:

  • Content: The primary reason why visitors come to a site is content. If we can deliver the right content that is relevant for that particular visitor, we have got the first step right. Since users’ preferences keep changing, the challenge is in identifying the right content and putting it up.

  • Form: More often than not, presentation becomes the differentiator between sites that offer the same value proposition. The layout, visuals and text define the character of the site. If a visitor is not comfortable with the look and feel of a site, chances are he/she might give up on it.

  • Connect: That is social connect. Effective integration with social media sties like Facebook and Twitter would considerably enhance the interactivity on your website.

  • Feedback: Continuous response loop keeps users active and expecting. Surprise polls, random surveys, rating articles and feedback on articles help in better understanding of the visitors, thus enabling customised delivery of the content.

Creating interactive sites is an art. Success can vary depending on the context and how well one can manage the interactivity in a dynamic environment.

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