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Digital Publishers Engage with Their Users Better through Newsletters

Digital Publishers Engage with Their Users Better through Newsletters

14 February 2017

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A technology news portal, CyberNet, wanted to increase user retention and generate more revenues on its digital platform. It had already invested in offline marketing campaigns and event sponsorships to enhance its market reputation. These activities did help the organisation to a certain extent.

Yet, CyberNet was looking for better customer engagement strategies to achieve its goal. It finally zoomed in on e-mail newsletters as an extremely effective solution to re-engage visitors. E-mail newsletters are an attractive way for websites to reach out to subscribers and offer them regular dose of information. Furthermore, they are a ridiculously low cost means of marketing for publishers to market their content and brand effectively.

Publishers can increase user engagement with e-mail marketing. They can also engage the site visitors and grab their attention by sending regular newsletters.

E-mail newsletters generally convey latest information along with advertisements, image gallery, polls, links, most read articles, etc. If publishers send out interesting information based on their readers’ behaviour, the move is bound to boost the open and click-through rates of the e-mail campaigns.

The e-mail newsletter strategy certainly came in handy for CyberNet to cater to its subscriber base and engage with them in a better way. It goes without saying that it also enabled the technology portal to market its offerings among its users.

An efficient platform can offer a diverse bouquet of services and products, including e-mail newsletters, to innovative media organisations such as CyberNet.

Online publishers might as well classify and specifically target diverse demographics, such as working professionals, students and retired professionals, and accordingly, send customised messages. This is an effective mechanism for publishers to know what their customers are interested in.

After the delivery of e-mail newsletters, publishers can mine the data and analyse past campaigns for deeper insights into user interest and behaviour.

Media organisations can also generate reports to measure the success of their newsletters. Armed with these reports, they can find out the open rate, click-through rate and determine which campaigns had the best results, and what specific content type customers engaged with the most.

Once the publishers have this precise information, they can do a better job at creating and offering more such content that users are interested in. This helps the publishers in creating a more effective content strategy. The core idea is to stay more relevant and informative by aligning with user requirements.

Delivering regular e-mail newsletters to users is an attractive way for publishers to promote their online content, new subscription products, and generate repeat traffic to their websites.

Publishers can track their performance, monitor trends, get subscriber activity reports and spread the word about their business through newsletters. They can also give their users the choice of picking their favourite offerings, provided their newsletter repertoire boasts of an eclectic mix of topics and disciplines.

Nowadays, with the help of technology, publishers can quickly create and easily maintain the look and feel of the newsletters and manage content. They can even schedule automatic newsletter delivery and bulk-mail custom newsletters to their readers and then, generate comprehensive reports.

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