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Modules and workspaces in the Kreatio Platform

Modules and workspaces in the Kreatio Platform

The Kreatio CMS uses modules and workspaces within them to intuitively group various tasks. Publisher configurable roles manage the user's access to these modules. 

All Kreatio software have a similar look and feel and functions in a similar fashion. This helps reduce the user's learning curve as they use different software. All Kreatio software is divided into modules and the modules are further organized into workspaces. Modules and workspaces offer a way to access all the features of the software in an intuitive and easy to understand way.

A module is a group of tasks that achieve a definite end objective. For example, the Articles module is used for tracking and working on articles. This includes tracking publishing, cross posting and unpublishing articles, among other things. The Landing pages module, on the other hand, is used to create and manage rich landing pages using already published articles. The Author tracking module is used to track and compare the performance of authors and so on.

All tasks inside a module are organized into work spaces. Selecting a workspace brings up the list of workspaces within it. A workspace consists of associated or similar tasks within a module. For example, within the Article Edit module, the Tags workspace lets the author do all the work related to tagging, while the Related Articles workspace brings together all the different ways of assigning related articles to an article into one screen. 

Access to a module is based on publisher configurable user roles. A user on the Kreatio CMS is assigned a role per website. The same user can have different roles and thus different access rights on different websites. In this case, the list of available modules will change as they move across the websites. Even access to websites can be controlled by the publisher in a similar fashion. That is, the publisher admin can set which websites a user has access to, and what their role in each site is.

In summary, the Kreatio CMS, as well as other portfolio products, use modules and workspaces to make working on them easy and intuitive.