Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Kreatio CMS opensource?

No. Kreatio CMS is not an opensource CMS. It is a modern, commercial CMS that has been specifically written with the digital publisher in mind.

What do you mean by "specifically written with the digital publisher in mind"?

Traditional opensource CMS's like WordPress, Drupal etc. are written with the independent blogger in mind. Unlike the blogger who works alone on one site, the digital publisher works in teams, manages multiple sites and has revenue and other targets. You would have to customize a blogging platform extensively to have a similar set of features. This adds to your costs and time to go live. The Kreatio CMS has out of the box features that enables all of these features, making it cheaper and faster to deploy.

What can go wrong if I customize a blogging platform. Afterall, many others do it.

Absolutely. Many publishers use customized versions of platforms like WordPress. issues start cropping up later. When security fixes or new versions of the platform come out, you will find that some of the critical plugins you used are not updated and hence not compatible with the new version. So, you cannot upgrade. You will also find that plugins may not work together, degrading your system performance. Sometimes, even version upgrades of the base platform itself can be a major nightmare. Still, you can do it, if you have the budgets and the bandwidth.

Big publishers have the budgets, teams and bandwidth to get the job done. Very small publishers make do with default implementations of the opensource platforms. It is those in the middle who have to juggle budgets, teams and competing priorities. Kreatio platforms are best for these publishers.

What is your model?

Kreatio provides fully supported platforms with Lifetime Warranty. We take care of all maintenance, monitoring, backups, break fix and upgrades. We do all the feature changes you want on your site.

What do you mean by Lifetime Warranty for Kreatio platforms?

Typically, software vendors provide a 3-6 month warranty period during which they fix bugs for free. After that they may charge you for this work. Kreatio works differently. Any bug found at any time during your contract, even if it is on the last day of the contract is fixed free of cost for you. This is part of our licensing and maintenance agreement.

You mention a maintenance agreement. What all is covered under maintenance?

The Kreatio Licensing and maintenance agreement covers the following during the period of contract.

All bug fixes

All security fixes

All framework upgrades

Webhosting on standard Cloud platforms

24x7 Monitoring of site uptime

24x7 Monitoring of subsystem performance

All data import at the beginning

Penetration test before the site goes live

Site optimization before the site goes live

Penetration test at regular intervals

New features (a few may be separately priced)

Full data backup

24x7x365 emergency support

Ticketing system for raising tickets

Project Manager and support desk

And many more.

We are not at all costly. Our services and platforms represent value for money. If you consider the full cost of running an opensource platform vs that of running the Kreatio platform, our costs will be at 2/3 or less on like to like services and features. Not convinced? Give us a call and we will explain how you can actually save money by moving to Kreatio platforms.  

What if I want to customize your platform? What if I want something that you do not already have out of the box?

Our platforms are extensively customizable. We build the customizations you require at pre-agreed rates. Our rates are frozen during the contract period.

What happens at the end of the contract?

At the end of the contract, we hope that you renew it. However, if you choose to move to some other platform, we will do all that we can to hep your transition. Your data is yours. We give all of it back in standard XML formats.