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  • Easy and intuitive
  • No Embedding Charts and Graphs
  • No Public Data Sharing
  • Ironclad Monetization

Data journalism made easy. Create eye-catching and interactive graphs and charts and embed them in your story- all in just a few clicks Data journalism can be time consuming and excessively complicated to do. You collect your data, but transforming into an easy to digest story is complicated. You did your investigation, found the patterns, and have all your Excel charts and graphs. Now you only need to report on the story in a way anyone can quickly understand.Easier said than done unless you use datahub. Journalists do extensive work to uncover what a data set is saying. After you have worked so hard, explaining your results should be easy.

Recommended Features


Uses reusable libraries to make the creation of microsites faster Different members of the events team can work together to create microsites Changes


Organize assets that will be used for the campaign Track your progress, analyze metrics Optimize the campaign to maximize your results Fully GDPR


Charge for inclusion in the directory Track your progress, analyze metrics, and optimize the campaign Charge for premium or super premium listings