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  • Free your team to work on revenue generating activities
  • Drag and drop articles, advertisements, tables, polls etc into your template
  • Spend less time editing newsletters and increase efficiency
  • Integrates with any CMS that can produce an RSS feed

MailFixx: Mailfixx streamlines the entire Newsletter process, removes errors and still keeps you in complete control of the final product. Creating newsletters is as simple as drag and drop. It works with any CMS that can produce an RSS feed. It's the best newsletter tool out there. You set your template up once, and then it is always ready for future versions. You tell the Mailfixx where to look for content e.g. the most recent entries in a certain category. You can then quickly drag and drop articles, advertisements, tables, polls etc. into your template and your newsletter is ready. It's as easy as you wish it was. You can add items from multiple websites into the same newsletter. Editing the text in the newsletter, even if it comes from an existing article, is quick and easy. Mailfixx is intelligently designed to adapt to different situations. In case you do not have enough content or different items to fill up your newsletter, empty elements are automatically removed. Our newsletter builder tool also automatically integrates with Datahub to incorporate tables in your newsletter.

Recommended Features


Uses reusable libraries to make the creation of microsites faster Different members of the events team can work together to create microsites Changes


Organize assets that will be used for the campaign Track your progress, analyze metrics Optimize the campaign to maximize your results Fully GDPR


Easy and intuitive No Embedding Charts and Graphs No Public Data Sharing Ironclad Monetization