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Kreatio CMS

Kreatio CMS
  • Fully Customizable
  • Seamless Integration
  • Scalable Microservices Architecture
  • API- first as opposed to API-only
  • Powered with AI

CMS: Managing, publishing, and editing content should not be a nightmare. As a digital publisher, you should be able to focus on creating and monetizing content. Getting it to your readers in an easy to digest format should take a few clicks, not an hour long process. Kreatio CMS was built by publishers for publishers and will amaze you with its customizability and automation.

Recommended Features


Uses reusable libraries to make the creation of microsites faster Different members of the events team can work together to create microsites Changes


Organize assets that will be used for the campaign Track your progress, analyze metrics Optimize the campaign to maximize your results Fully GDPR


Easy and intuitive No Embedding Charts and Graphs No Public Data Sharing Ironclad Monetization