What is KREATIO?

KREATIO is a comprehensive platform for content management, publishing and monetization. It delivers new media organisations a fully functional website – along with a Web Content Management System (editorial back-end) – accessible over all form factors, such as desktop, mobile, eReader, iPad, Android tablets and many more devices.

Is KREATIO open source software?

No, it is not an open source software. It is a commercial solution offered to digital businesses that would prefer to partner with us and reap amazing rewards.

We are running successful online newspapers, magazines and publications. Is KREATIO a good fit for our business?

Yes, indeed. KREATIO is best fit for the online publishing industry, especially when you are keen on leveraging the digital domain to the fullest and maximise your business potential, including additional revenues. It's a great platform even for those contemplating a transition from print to digital or young entrepreneurs with unique concepts pertaining the digital publishing market.

Can writers and editors create and publish articles on their websites directly without any technical intervention, using KREATIO platform?

KREATIO is a browser-based system, which enables editors to login from any place, easily create articles using a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor and publish instantly. Editors can preview the final output of the content being edited before they publish it and also update articles and other content any time.

Do websites running on KREATIO platform work on mobile devices?

KREATIO websites are presentable and accessible across all devices, including desktops, notebooks, mobile, eReaders, iPads and Android tablets. KREATIO's responsive website templates inherently adapt themselves to different form factors for simple navigation and superior user experience.

Is KREATIO suitable for lead generation business?

Yes. KREATIO LeadGen is a perfect fit for your requirement. It empowers you to implement core workflows required for a robust lead generation business covering multiple types of assets, user registration, visitor tracking, lead filtering, campaign management, front-end for agencies, comprehensive taxonomy, tag support, reliable search, sponsored listing, featured listing, user database, and bulk e-mail integration, among a glut of impressive features. For a low-down on KREATIO LeadGen solution, check this out: http://www.kreatio.com/i/info/17/kreatio-lead-generation

Our online magazine runs a directory service as well / We are planning to integrate a directory into our digital publication. Does KREATIO offer any services in this regard?

KREATIO Directory, which is offered as an add-on, is suitable for running all types of directory services. You might want to sample these websites running KREATIO Directory: http://www.clickz.com/ireviews http://www.hedgefundsreview.com/directory If you want more details on KREATIO Directory, don't miss this link: http://www.kreatio.com/i/info/113/kreatio-directory.

We organise hundreds of events in a year and build an exclusive site for each event.How can KREATIO platform be leveraged to develop these sites, preferably at a low cost?

KREATIO Event Microsites Management System (KEMMS) is an add-on specially developed to create and manage event microsites. It lets you create an event website and take it live in less than 15 minutes. Do check this website using KEMMS to have a grasp of its efficiency: www.incisive-events.com. Follow this link for detailed information on KEMMS: http://www.kreatio.com/i/info/19/ kreatio-event-microsites-management-system.

Our website features lots of paid content accessible for only subscribed users. Do you have any simple solution to manage it?

Of course. The solution is KREATIO Registration. It is a business solution that provides registration, authentication and entitlement services for any website that runs on our platform. Get more information on KREATIO Registration here: http://www.kreatio.com/i/info/18/kreatio-registration-authentication-entitlement.

Our website broadcasts videos. Is KREATIO suitable for our website?

Absolutely! KREATIO is also suitable for media businesses with videos as their primary content. It can be integrated easily with the latest video players.