Increase engagement and monetization

Kreatio directory services help publishers to perform better, filtering the large amount of directory entries and in-turn help them to monetize and manage it well. Our plethora of features integrated into directory solutions empowers publishers with opportunities of a competent customer service.

Advanced and intelligent features like Artificial intelligence, gives you an edge to understand the leads better and profile them to earn better. It also enables you to generate real-time analytics, which adds to your efficiency. Our directory services come with an amazing flexibility which also helps you to save costs on your existing investments and saves your time. Kreatio directory services can be plugged into your existing CMS investments to make it more powerful and perform better to yield great results. Kreatio's directories, basic and advanced, with their varying features, expand your opportunities of competent customer service. It integrates your directory with its Lead Generation tool, thus providing a platform for it to be used for lead generation. Your clients get their leads forwarded, creating greater value for your business.

One of the major competitive advantages of Kreatio directory is that it can be integrated with third-party web analytics tools, supporting integration with third-party ad servers and RSS feeds. Our well organized and reliable directory system supports your business intent and lets the clamors die away.



At Kreatio, we believe in improving the overall productivity of your editorial and media operations teams and in making your digital assets work harder for you. We understand that a media solution is not a install and forget affair. Our teams work continuously to keep your website and you operations ticking and in top grove.

Your contract with us includes a bouquet of 10 different services that you would otherwise have to invest in separately.

Round-the-clock business critical support. Complete Lifecycle maintenance for your product. Total import and export of your data. Regular minor upgrades and security fixes. Ensures you one major update at the minimum for contracts of 3 years or above. A full security pen testing. Run security tests periodically. Once a year site optimization. Three levels of backups for your data. Free break-fix management.