Data journalism made easy

DataHub is made to provide strength and speed to all your data journalism needs. It enables a publisher to present the data as a part of their articles in a most understandable and fancy manner. Weather you need to format your data tables constantly, represent data in various styles within the articles or using single view port in multiple publications, DataHub lets you do all these things in a secure, a flexible and a reliable environment.

 The Kreatio DataHub has a lot to offer for a data oriented journalism, such as:

  • Style your data representation by using global table template
  • Upload your data in CSV files and get URL as final output
  • Edit headings and footers of your CSV tables
  • Upload your tables directly from preferred cloud storages
  • Use your selected viewport in various articles or multiple publications securely
  • Track your all changes with table history


At Kreatio, we believe in improving the overall productivity of your editorial and media operations teams and in making your digital assets work harder for you. We understand that a media solution is not a install and forget affair. Our teams work continuously to keep your website and you operations ticking and in top grove.

Your contract with us includes a bouquet of 10 different services that you would otherwise have to invest in separately.

Round-the-clock business critical support. Complete Lifecycle maintenance for your product. Total import and export of your data. Regular minor upgrades and security fixes. Ensures you one major update at the minimum for contracts of 3 years or above. A full security pen testing. Run security tests periodically. Once a year site optimization. Three levels of backups for your data. Free break-fix management.