CMS Comparison

Why should a digital publisher pick up the Kreatio CMS instead of a more popular opensource CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? Perfectly valid question to ask; afterall, these opensource alternatives have millions of installations and we are nowhere close! So, what gives? Opensource CMSs like WordPress fit two distinct markets - on one side, they are best for the individual blogger and the small publisher with a do it yourself approach. At the other extreme, they also fit the large publisher who has a large IT team and a matching budget to spend on their CMS. For everyone in between, CMSs like Kreatio offer a better fit and better value for money.


A CMS is not something that you build once and then forget about. A CMS is a living, thriving organism at the very center of your business. It needs constant care in the form of regular upgrades, feature additions, and routine maintenance. With an opensource CMS, this is not a smooth affair, what with different themes and plugins and what not being built by a million different developers who so not synchronize their development cycles. And then there are the thousands of abandoned plugins. God help you, if you are using one of them and now need to upgrade! If you are not a large publisher with deep pockets, all of this can be a big strain on your resources. Read the table below to see how the Kreatio CMS covers these bases to offer you a better deal and more value for your money.

No. Comparison Factor Description Opensource Kreatio CMS
1 Primary user What is the platform aimed towards? What is the bulk of the usage? Bloggers Digital media houses and publishers
2 Time to deploy a site Time taken for one site to go live on the system 3-6 months or more depending on customisations Less than 3 months per site
3 Warranty period for fixing bugs For how long the developer fix bugs at no extra cost? 30-60 days Lifetime of contract
4 Easy to use and modern user interface Do authors get an easy to use and modern interface to work on? Yes Yes
5 Learning curve How much time does a writer take to get used to the system Simple to use Simple to use
6 Support multiple languages Does the system support publishing in multiple languages? Yes Yes
7 Extensibility How do you extend the basic software to meet your specific needs? Through modules.Too many modules slows the system down and can also clash with each other No plugins. Completely extendable microservices architecture
8 Architecture What is the software architecture model being used Older Monolithic Modern microservices Architecture
9 Customisations How customizable is an already available function? Customizable Customizable
10 Application security How secure is the way the application has been built Inherently secure. Plugins may be insecure Inherently secure
11 Security testing Is the site specifically tested for security? Security testing at additional cost Security testing and rectification is part of build process
12 Upgradability How easy it is to upgrade to latest versions Difficult. Plugins do not follow same upgrade calendar as base Easy
13 Availability of upgrades Are regular upgrades available? Many plugins do not have regular upgrades Continuous upgrades
14 Hosting Does the application give you any inherent benefits in hosting costs? Standard Microservices architecture helps reduce hosting costs
15 Monitoring Is someone monitoring the site to ensure it is running properly, particularly outside of office hours Extra cost + effort 24 x 7 website monitoring and subsystem monitoring included in costs
16 User training Is basic user training provided? Extra cost Included in cost
17 Copy paste from MS word with formatting Can you copy and paste articles from MS word with formatting intact? Extra cost Included in cost
18 Data Backup Is your content and associated data backed up regularly? Extra cost Regular backups included in cost
19 Technical SEO How much does the system enable the technical aspects of good SEO Extra cost + effort Automatic redirection on unpublish, Automatic canonical URL on posting to sister site + many other included
20 Issue tracking How do you track the progress of the build and of bugs raised? Extra cost / effort Ticketing system provided
21 Separate CDN for site assets Makes the site load faster Extra cost Included in price
22 Technology upgrades Are regular technology upgrades and patches provided? Extra cost / effort Many new features already included in price. Others can be built at nominal cost
23 Adding new features What does it cost you to add new features? Extra cost / effort Mostly included in price
24 Branding and sponsorship options Does the system have features to add branding / sponsorship? Extra build effort / cost Already included in product
25 Author tracking Quickly track how many articles / words / page reads an author has got between any two dates Extra build effort / cost Already included in product
26 Image search How easy it is to find an image. Eg. Find an image with an Apple logo in it. Or find an image with water in it Difficult. Only standard image search based on your tagging AI based smart image search
27 Personalisation Can the writer reorder the back end to suit their comfort? Not possible Yes
28 Integrate with third party systems How easy is it to integrate with other systems that you run Custom built Can easily integrate with any API based system
29 Manpower required Team size required to build out and run a site 1 designer + 2-3 developers + 1 tester + 1 Project Manager 1 Project manager + 1 project executive
30 Redirect unpublished articles How are URLs for unpublished articles redirected? Manually using optional module Automatic redirection on unpublish
31 24 x7 monitoring Is your website and subsystems monitored continuously for availability? No Yes
32 AI based automatic image tagging Are images automatically tagged for better search experience? No Yes
33 Author performance tracking Can you track performance of authors? No Yes
34 Cross publish Can you easily post articles on one site to another site on the same system? No Yes
35 Automatically set Canonical URL on cross publish Ensure that no SEO penalties accrue on cross posting articles to other websites No Yes
36 Preview articles as on website before publishing Can you see a preview of your article as it would appear on your website before it is published? No Yes
37 Send articles outside for review Can you send your article to an outsider for review as it would be on your website, before publishing? No Yes
38 Import articles automatically from syndicated feeds Can you import articles into the CMS automatically from feeds? No Yes
39 Deliver your own ads between comments Can you put your own ads in between comments to improve monetisation? No Yes
40 Easily create sponsored editorial landing pages Create a list of links to articles with SEO rich introduction and branding options No Yes
41 Automatically insert sponsor image and text into article pages added to landing pages Enhances monetization of content No Yes
42 Easily create sponsorable pages from tags  Enhances monetization of content No Yes
43 Project mode Create and track editorial projects with multiple authors and articles No Yes
44 Autosave Articles Regular and automatic saving of articles while typing them out No Yes
45 Autorecover from network outages Applicable to low bandwidth areas No Yes
46 Compare versions Compare saved versions of an article to see what changes have been made No Yes
47 Inbuilt image editor Edit your images inside the CMS No Yes