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KREATIO's robust editorial management and content monetisation platform has immensely benefited our esteemed media clients


IDG Connect is the demand generation division of International Data Group (IDG), the world’s largest technology media company. Established in 2006, it utilises access to 38 million business decision-makers’ details to unite technology marketers from 137 countries. IDG Connect also publishes thought leadership papers on behalf of its clients, and conducts research for B2B marketers worldwide

Risk.net is a magazine covering financial risk management and the global derivatives markets. It features papers on option pricing and hedging, market risk, credit risk, swaps, and Monte Carlo methods. Risk.net offers over 50 additional news articles from Risk.net brands on the fast-moving worlds of complex and sophisticated finance, regulation, derivatives, and risk management


Portfolio Adviser is a leading investment strategy publication, aimed at the mid- to top-end of the investment management community in the UK and Channel Islands. It provides detailed analysis of asset allocation, fund selection and portfolio construction through its news analysis website and monthly magazine, apart from its tailored events.


Printweek.com is a premier website catering to the print industry and an indispensable hub for anyone working in or connected with print. The site offers latest news, in-depth analysis and comments and features, from across the globe. It enjoys over half a million page views read by in excess of 100,000 readers each month


Fund Selector Asia (FSA) is a news analysis website, with a weekly news bulletin, for fund selectors, fund analysts, wealth management heads, investment counsellors, sales heads and wealth advisers throughout the English-speaking regions of Asia. It covers asset allocation, portfolio construction and fund selection. FSA hosts five events in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand

BioSpectrum India is a leading website, magazine, and digital media source from MM Activ that focuses on the biotechnology industry in India. It engages with both the industry and policymakers of the nation. Offering comprehensive analyses of policy issues, products and services across the bio-pharma, bio-informatics, bio-infrastructure and bio-agriculture segments, it is considered the industry's most authoritative source of information

client-BioSpectrum India

Expert Investor Europe (EIE) is a website, magazine and events business aimed at the cream of the European fund selector community. The website and quarterly magazine are read by the top 3,000 pension fund trustees, fund of funds managers, and private bankers across Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Nordics, the Benelux, Germany, France and Switzerland


International Adviser is an international brand focusing on the global intermediary market that uses cross-border insurance, investment, banking and pension products on behalf of their high net worth clients. Apart from the magazine, website and daily bulletins, International Adviser hosts 24 events globally, including the UK, Asia, the Middle-East, Europe and southern Africa.


Bloncampus.com is a new web portal from the Hindu BusinessLine designed exclusively to mentor B-school graduates and MBA aspirants. The portal has a rich corporate-academia-student interface, and features news stories and analysis from BusinessLine’s extensive network of correspondents as well as exclusive articles by senior corporate executives and HR professionals

Autocar Professional Online is India's premier B2B automotive magazine focusing on the automotive industry. The publication's comprehensive coverage includes vehicle and component manufacturers as well as auto retail and finance. Autocar Professional also features regular updates of auto markets in the rest of Asia, including China and South East Asia.



KREATIO is proud to be associated with these reputed media organisations. We aspire to sustain our professional rapport with them and take it to greater heights as well as expand our clientele.

It's time to rise above the competition. KREATIO would be happy to take you through this wonderful journey.