IDG Direct is a leading provider of Multilingual B2B Telemarketing, Event Booking and Market Research Services. The microsite from the global lead generation division of International Data Group -  IDG Connect -  has a reach across 127 countries delivering 5.2 million branded conversations in over 30 languages.

It provides a range of Business to Business services including Lead Generation, Data Cleaning and Building, Research, Branded Conversations, Nurturing and Event Registration

India's premier B2B automotive magazine, Autocar Professional wanted to deploy a new editorial platform to create and run a smart, relevant and responsive website, replacing an archaic one. 

It leveraged an easy-to-use, scalable and reliable back-end editorial system to make its online publication more powerful and prominent.

Find out how the platform also increased its visitors and revenues as well as reduced costs.

Incisive Media was keen on consolidating all its associate websites into a unified site - IFA Online - to optimise its online properties. 

The new site had to accommodate several titles of varied magnitudes, and the editorial systems, operational functions and processes had to be re-engineered. A streamlined editorial set-up ensured IFA Online's smooth roll-out, with an increase in margins and reduction in production turnaround time.

IDG Connect is a leading source for white papers in technology. It sought to extend its portfolio by adding sections like opinion, interviews, review, and news to its website. IDG Connect also wanted to change its content model from 'push' to 'pull'.

Subsequently, it could deploy a platform that accommodated the extended portfolio and simultaneously promoted the new content model, by helping generate premium quality leads.